Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 5-0 | Full Match 29.11.2010 HD

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25 Responses to “Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 5-0 | Full Match 29.11.2010 HD”

  1. joe branden Says:

    Ramos = trash

  2. Marco Di Miceli Says:

    Fuck Barcelona! ¡Hala Madrid!
    Real Madrid is the best club of ever! Don’t forget it!

  3. Andylink007 Says:

    so they beat up messi, yet they still lost 5-0…fucking refs

  4. 09BIJAN09 Says:

    Thank god, English commentators

  5. Janelle Gutierrez Says:

    LOL! Guy in the crowd at 1:22:32 sticks the middle finger at Ronaldo.

  6. andriko sonjaya Says:

    i love barca

  7. UnderdevelopedSperm Says:

    thing is bayern munich would fucking destroy both teams so :) 

  8. Christian Silva Says:

    Barcelona the Best!!

  9. andy stail Says:

    Fuck .. Madrid

  10. Marcin Średni Says:

    SRALA madrit ! Lamusy jebani !

  11. Luca La Cava Says:

    not one minute into the match, Ronaldo falls on the floor and makes dumb

  12. Aryan Daga Says:

    You suck Barcelona

  13. Dulijano Fazlic Says:

    Marko di miceli fuck you you are an ashoole barcelona is stronger real
    madrid sucks

  14. romeo KC Says:

    And shut up

  15. AssyrianKing4ever Says:

    I never liked spanish Refs. Shame on this referee. 

  16. oier bernaras Says:


  17. schnau ze Says:

    47 min

  18. John Kash Says:

    Over 400 million people watched the best team in history demolish the great
    Real Madrid. It’s one thing to win 5 cups in the 50’s when Madrid was the
    spending money like nothing.Well they still spend money like nothing and
    they got nothing to show for it for the past ten years. Guardiola showed
    Mourinho why you never nick name yourself the special one.

  19. Chris Ordonez Says:


  20. TheOneAndOnly Says:

    No Real Madrid is not the best club ever that is why they lost 5-0 against
    Barcelona and Real play dirty look what they did to messi and Rolando the
    biggest show off there could be in soccer so Marco Di Miceli Real Madrid

  21. goope Says:


  22. amir ahmadi Says:

    i did not see a play
    it is really beautiful play

  23. Alexandre Silva Soares Says:

    Madrid fans : Lil Bitches

  24. andriko sonjaya Says:

    barca is my life,,,go barca

  25. Surayyah Tacuma Says:

    Barcelona is red/blue and madrid is white ?