FC Barcelona – Entrenament 08/05/2013

Movie Score: four / five

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25 Responses to “FC Barcelona – Entrenament 08/05/2013”

  1. Ilyasso sadjo Diallo Says:

    fc barcelonna est le meilleur club du mond j vs ador

  2. Ilyasso sadjo Diallo Says:

    messi l meilleur

  3. TestSegundo Ffh Says:

    Mascherano quebra muito kkk

  4. Mario Evento Says:

    Quem é brasileiro joinha akie ;)

  5. Neptu Yeah Says:

    o el coño tu prima

  6. Cavaty85 Says:

    David Villa <3

  7. Meherrem Agayev Says:


  8. Glory Gang Says:

    We need you back Javier <3

  9. Scottcreek942 Says:

    iniesta and xavi in the middle… UNBELIEVABLE

  10. aLeXjhec Says:

    tito ficha a hummels !!!!!

  11. kdcung Says:

    1:48 Xavi and Iniesta in the center?! Cool. :P

  12. orazio BARçA Says:

    C A M P E O N E S

  13. Alejandro Povolo Says:

    puto del orto

  14. SuperLeo1011 Says:

    Please Masche come back already barca need there best defender

  15. soreckxe Says:


  16. abel weldu Says:


  17. KIKO AZZURRO Says:

    Happy for mascherano being back and pedro 1 more win Visca Barça!

  18. Hup Hap Says:

    2.04 Valdes is like..I am in front of the camera. Should not make any

  19. tapd18 Says:

    Pedro out

  20. ThisisKingLouie Says:

    xavi & iniesta in the middle O_O

  21. kevin g Says:

    Not one shot was saved by valdes this day….

  22. Dennys Rivera Says:

    Still Valdes is ass at goalie

  23. Bartlomiej Nowak Says:


  24. kevnev342 Says:

    Valdes actually made a save

  25. 2Patch2 Says:

    Mascherano is there. Good to see him back as well as Messi.