24 thoughts on “Fc Barcelona vs Real Madrid 5 0 Full Highlights

  1. @dvirring hhahah stupid mother fucker david villa goal was offside and you scored 2-3 deflections , ronaldo should have had a penalty so go fuck your self you glory hunter

  2. @thefootballlmaestro not to sure what beat down your watching cuz there was no offside anywhere on any of the goals…..Barca kicked the crap outta madrid……1-1 hahaha what a joke…….your lucky it wasn’t like 1000-0

  3. @thefootballlmaestro . its not anyone blames real madrid for being bad, barca just had a good night. they had wayyyy more chances than madrid, and they made them. thats all I’m saying. you guys will get another chance on your home pitch.

  4. i think fans should be respectful… i agree we sucked but plz im a madrid fan and i respect barca…

  5. I guess we have been lucky in the last five thrashings against Madrid hahahahaha poor Madrid fans, must be agonising to see ur arch rival raping ur team every single time.

  6. @namhcraes well your a fucking idiot because real madrid should have had a penalty, villa was ofside and farca scored from deflections so your lucky it wasnt 1-1

  7. @soareadrian10 omdz you idiot, if you read i said barca deserved to win but 5-0 WAS LUCKY

  8. @thefootballlmaestro you are really suffering,man!Relax.. Barca won fair and square.No need to be so nervous.I don’t know if it was luck but football is about chances and taking them.. so what can you tell me about Real if they failed to create any chance throughout the game?Lucky BARCA?VERY VERY POOR REAL.

  9. @RAFL94 5 beautiful goals? seriously?? you call that xavi tap in after it deflected of marcelo beautiful? you call an offside goal beautiful ? you call that tap in from pedro after casillias made a big mistake and the ball fell to pedro and scored an open goal beautiful? naa it was all luck, barca deserved to win but not 5-0 was shit and lucky goals

  10. @thefootballlmaestro I wouldn’t call 5 beautiful goals and total domination throughout the entire game lucky. I’m not saying Real Madrid is shit. I’m saying Barcelona is the best team in the world at the moment.


  12. Bueno yo soy Salvadoerno Americano pero soy fanatico de Barcelona pero no tengo nada en contra Real Madrid respeto a todo los madristas

  13. messi is an amazing footballer you think anyone can score and pass like he does not like cristiana ronalda he i mean she is a bisexual cr7 is some shit and he will never be as incredible as the legend lionel messi visca el barca. fuck real madrid

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