Lionel Messi Amazing goal vs Almeria ( Almeria 0-2 Barcelona ) 28/09/2013

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24 Responses to “Lionel Messi Amazing goal vs Almeria ( Almeria 0-2 Barcelona ) 28/09/2013”

  1. Billy O'regan Says:

    Football bro, its football

  2. VoiajorBRAZILIA Says:

    well said, man….I share with you the same view

  3. CsProVip Says:

    Messi simplemente sos el mejor de la historia! gracias por tanta magia, por tanta mistica, por tantas gambetas, por tantos golazos. GRACIAS POR TODO LEO

  4. darthgamer79 Says:

    aguante messi, al que no le guste que vaya a jugar con muñecas, o con la propia muñeca…

  5. moises marchezi Says:

    Sim duda , messi es mejor del todo mundo

  6. SaM BaghDasaRyaN Says:



  7. alejandro vilchis Says:

    golazo de la escuela de messi! debería estar registrado ese tipo de goles que solo messi sabe

  8. kudo yunan Says:


  9. José Gabriel Peralta Díaz. Says:

    eres el mejor sin duda alguna

  10. grondo Says:

    I can’t believe how much hatred is shared in social media nowadays. Funny thing is that I lam a Barça follower and I love Messi’s style. Everyone just jumped right into the hate bandwagon.

  11. MrSkyWorx Says:

    your a pro soccer player, right?

  12. MrSkyWorx Says:


  13. chusnil ibad Says:

    messi ok

  14. KVillalba95 Says:

    then go and to it if its too easy!!
    He is the best player in the world! And your envy ain’t changing that!

  15. cheeze124 Says:

    What a goal!!

  16. ruben perez Says:

    hahahahah your envy towards messi is so funny

  17. Tom Wyman Says:

    too right!

  18. Giuseppe Musarra Says:

    Messi il calciatore più forte del mondo

  19. grondo Says:

    Typical Messi goal breaking through from the ride side either dribbling or playing one-twos with a team mate and then shooting from outside the border of the area as close to the post as possible. He should patent that goal.

  20. José Gerardo Medina Says:

    por que? de que?

  21. btron arnoldo marenco Says:

    Messi lesionado..

  22. Rachid Ritchy Says:


  23. MrDanielle1987 Says:

    You uploaded this fast!! The game is still going on haha I’m watching it.

  24. MikeRayLouis Says:

    Ggolly gosh, what a GOlaZO. HALA MADRIDDD. WOW OH WOWIE!!!