5 Barcelona Stag Weekend Ideas

Write-up by Jeremy Hickey

A stag weekend is your last chance to celebrate as a bachelor and Barcelona has a plethora of ideas for you to have a entertaining and frolic stag weekend. Right here are 5 excellent ideas for you to have an entertaining and rocking stag weekend with your friends.

1. Barcelona Football: If you are a football fanatic then acquiring a football weekend with your buddies and going through a Barcelona game can be a fantastic option and worth which includes on your checklist of things to do. Stadium tours are feasible when there is not a game on and the Nou Camp Stadium, which retains a hundred,000 folks, is 1 of the finest stadiums in the entire world. There are numerous businesses who can help you get deals for a game. Football weekend have a tendency to be very well-known and are a great option.

2. Paintballing: One particular of the finest daytime pursuits for groups visiting the city can be paintballing in Barcelona. This is a fantastic adrenalin rush sort of occasion and it is a excellent way to unwind and have fun prior to heading out for an night. Paintballing is 1 of the most inexpensive occasions and 1 of the most fun and there are a number of paintball locations in Barcelona.

three. Quad-biking: Quad biking will get you going with real entertaining when you saddle up the dirtiest and trickiest terrain in parts of Barcelona. It is a single of the most entertaining concepts for a stag weekend stuffed with loads of enjoyable, fresh air and a feeling of electrical power amongst the boys. Even if you are a beginner, Barcelona quad-biking provides you secure introductory lessons before taking on the experience of a lifetime.

4. Nightclubs: Barcelona is a metropolis which by no means sleeps with nightclubs which run through the evening. Barcelona has some of the finest nightclubs, pubs and lounges of any city in Spain and most of these places are satisfied to accommodate large teams. Get in touch with some of the nightclub authorities to make certain that you are not left behind which ensures an entry even on the most demanding day.

5. Indoor or Outdoor Karting: One particular of the most popular and constantly requested occasions from teams is indoor and outside karting. There are a number of circuits in Barcelona and most provide really good facilities and at costs which are really acceptable. As a group the centre can typically organize a mini tournament for you and this indicates the probability to race several occasions and then for the finest racers to compete in a ultimate.

About the Writer

Jeremy lives and works in Spain dealing with Barcelona Karting and Barcelona Stag weekends and spends his spare time enjoying golf and reading.