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A derby at the weekend, Energie Cottbus with the Replica Soccer Jersey misplaced 1-3 soon after Düsseldorf, Shao Jiayi start off, but the poor performance of the German press right after the match the score provided is usually lower. In the nearby media, “the operate of their heights Rundschau”, rating is low Shao Jiayi scored five points, the post says that his kick is a regional league standard. Shao Jiayi media Reduced German suddenly divided into regions known as the league degree. Adron left half back again injury, but continue booting Shao, Cottbus is the strongest attack with an array of the road, but later on commence to entirely manage the speed of Düsseldorf. Shao Jiayi 18 minutes to get three feet the very first possibility to hit the door, but is much much more the deviation of the target. Even in the first 62 minutes, Shao Jiayi with the National Soccer Jersey was the new reason for failure from 30 yards, but this time nonetheless does not have or support. Clearly, Shao inside of the place quite tough, but computer opponents eliminated, and then let the group take the points on the weapon, unfortunately poor play Shao lack of neighborhood media Cottbus “The workers have reported their observations Shao Heights played bass score of five The write-up says: “.. He has a totally free kick and the regional league in the world in between float, although in the sport, placing most of the region reflects the stage of the league. “For the 1st years soon after start off-up match, Shao Jiayi letting the ball hit the tie with a bullet.In fact, in addition to Shao, the “work of his feedback Alturas News” in the team’s efficiency is also very pleased with the merchandise give Cottbus hoping to play safe on the street, lack of creativity he does not have a will. The post mentioned: “Shao Jiayi with the Germany Soccer Jersey in the sport of eleven minutes on a wide target for a lot, virtually to the closing angle, which corresponds to the nearly Cottbus gamers in this sport as a microcosm of the team’s players not in the state.”Clearly, the performance of these Cottbus coach was extremely disappointed that some players miss Wörlitz about their enthusiasm, and the other in opposition to Arminia Bielefeld Energie Cottbus in the league proper now in Germany, eight excellent race versus Bundesliga club Hoffenheim Wörlitz not tolerate continued fall in the team, which will set the beginning staff. In this sense, Wörlitz says. “I will not stand idly by, I have to do something”In fact, wind Cottbus season are not good to play the ball not the initial time, “the work of your comments Alturas News” also referred to this problem. Particularly when the staff out of the house that are easy to shed your own speed although trying to keep efficiency of the street, Cottbus with the Germany Jersey Soccer be successful in the cruel game highlights of the 2nd half, practically much more tough than increasing.

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