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  • barcamessiful says:


  • barcamessiful says:

    @floman0788 innit mate nice 1 hes a retard jealous of the best club in the world he should go and get a life

  • GaddafiIsAGreatMan says:

    @Orkeansos Barcelona are vastly superior and will beat Man United again. Man United need a lot of luck to beat Barcelona. Barcelona will have atleast 70% possession and create far more chances, it is just a matter of taking those chances.

  • deatharhin70 says:

    barca = worlds best player messi + argentine captain + french and brazilain defense and spain wc winning squad !!! Man U = gk 40 yr old + pokemon attacker 32-38 old mid fielders …only a good player rooney !!

  • coolboy123p says:

    Hala Madrid!!! Campeones campeones ole ole ole! I hope the reds shit on you guys at the finals you fucking cheating peace of shits!! Glory Glory Man United!!!

  • floman0788 says:

    @AssyrianSoldier1933 oh yeah, you know, we just took the ball wit hour hand, ran up to the goal and threw the ball into the net, that’s how we won the legue. loool. seriously buddy? tell me, how did we cheat? used hacks, played on amateur? get a life son, we won the league, madrid lost, madrid won the copa del ray, and barca weren’t crying about it like you stupid madrid fans do

  • floman0788 says:

    @AssyrianSoldier1933 we just won la liga you dumbass and you lost at home 2 times, not including the CL semi-final barca win 2-0 against real at bernabeu

  • yoshobbit says:

    21th La Liga!!!!!!!!!!! VISCA BARCA BARCA BAAAAAARCA!!!! Also, Feliz Cumpleaños, San Andrés! 😀

  • barcamessiful says:

    common barca u can do it we can win the uefa champions league !!!!!!!
    visca el barca!!!!!!!!!!!
    the ppl who are jealous and dont like barca can go 2 hell

  • barcamessiful says:

    @Fafix666 omd man barca rules everything is good about them u ppl r 2 jealous of a great club look how many ppl liked only minority like u disagree coz of jealousy

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