Barcelona beats Arsenal 3-1 on Messi and Xavi Goals! Did Van Persie deserve a Red Card?!

Barcelona eliminated Arsenal from the Champions League tournament at Camp Nou with a 3-1 score! Lionel Messi and Xavi contributed goals but Robin Van Persie was thrown out with a red card! Was his ejection honest? Twitter: Facebook: www.facebook.comJRSportBrief addresses the most recent sports activities news, game highlights, and athletes of professional sports. JR gives his views on all sports: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Boxing, MMA and all the main leagues. No matter whether it’s the NBA Finals, the MLB Entire world Sequence, or the NFL Superbowl, JRʼs acquired his own views and he desires to listen to yours! New Episodes all week extended. E-mail:

25 comments on “Barcelona beats Arsenal 3-1 on Messi and Xavi Goals! Did Van Persie deserve a Red Card?!

  • youre right. the referee had 1 sec. diference for when he wistled and van persie TOUCHED the ball. not the man (excuse me for my english). thats a shame

  • Darawallah says:

    thumbs up if you did’nt even notice that he said ‘end of the second half’.

  • THIS guy looks like animation and is so very VERY much affected..
    Arsenal played shit and vanPersie should be out after he punched Alves to his face, Persie got chance(only yellow card) but he decided not play!!!

  • serialkiller94 says:

    in very football game if a player kicks the ball or doesn’t stop he get’s a yellow card regardless of any other yellow cards he has

  • 7garcia10 says:

    @628813261 true true but even god makes stupid decision that we dont like and whats done is done

  • MegaClubamerica says:

    It was a legitamate win by Barca!!! but why do the refs have to always do some dumb shit like that red card to Van Persie? I mean i think Barcelona is a good enough team to beat Arsenal any day but it always seems like the refs have to help them out… that’s why fans always talk all that shit about teams winning because the refs help them!! Whatever…. Barcelona dominated the whole game and Arsenal was on their side of the field defendin the whole damn time, so yeah Barcelona deserved to WIN!

  • daredevil90fcb says:

    from my perspective Persie DID NOT deserve the red card because he didnt hear the whistle go, still though it wasn’t the refeere’s fault, would it have gone differently if he stayed? I really don’t think so, Barca had 19 attempts on goal and Arsenal had NONE..check the statistics by typing (fc barcelona vs arsenal 3-1 highlights and goals) in youtube. The English tabloids here critised the life out of Arsenal’s preformance and how they needed Barca to score for them

  • No offense but this is the first time i see Black American talking about Football(Soccer)
    Keep it up man!
    Love your videos!!

  • 628813261 says:

    It is true… that the red card was a bit out of place….BUT…. this is not the first time Van Persie gives a shit about what the referee says..(he didn´t here it??..pff.. c´mon.. we are all grownups here….)….in the field, the referee is GOD!… at least in soccer.. if you are smart enough, you know that you musn´t fuck with him!!.. and even more when you ALREADY HAVE A YELLOW CARD!!!… damnn!!!.. but the fact remains… even if Van Persie would stay in the field, barça would win again…

  • SaulSantiagoable says:

    @Abd366 Bendtner should have started, if he had time to get into the game and warm up then he would have easily scored that, but coming on when Arsenal we’re getting bare spanked by Barca wasnt much help. Ofcourse just another reason for all the MUGS to have a reason not to like Bendtner.

  • Arsenal are probably my most hated english team along with Liverpool and Chelsea but even I thought that RVP shouldn’t of got sent off. The ref was bias towards barca the entire match… Abidal not getting sent off for grabbing someone by the throat??… Barca will dive and cheat their way to another CL final i guess… But I just hope it’s an all english final as Uefa will try anything in their power to stop that happening as was seen in Chelsea vs Barca last year.. Noticing a trend yet?

  • digitalbuddha48 says:

    Arsenal and Van Persie got cheated plain and simple…bitch and complain all you want barca fans you know it’s true.

  • inunez13 says:

    Just because FC Barcelona did not say anything about the referee it does not mean is ok to them, look the game in the minute 31 and on, if u know about soccer there is a very clear penalty against Messi. In the first game the referee disallow a legal goal to Messi he was behind the ball when he scored, in that seme play there was clearly handball and alex song he should had see the red card but no everything was OK back then

  • bslclarke3 says:

    doesnt matter to me if van persie got a red card i hate both teams anyway…by the way chelsea is gonna take the champons league this year

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