12 comments on “Barcelona Cheaters – YouTube.flv

  • HolisSecretBruger says:

    Barca is good, and they deserve to be one of the best teams in the world. BTW nice spelling!

  • Th3Juic3 says:

    Barcelona is good, but they dive and act way way too much. It’s funny that a team with players like Messi and Iniesta can’t play without diving and acting etc.

  • GustavoDosLuis says:

    Just die you motherfuckers SPECIALLY SERGIO AND PEDRO! I hate Uefalona so mush that I’ve decided to be a suicide bomber and bomb down the fucking camp nou and the all barca bitches! FUCK BARCA!
    // Arsenal

  • tradingfoursj says:

    there are weak people in the world. they are called girlies, faggots, or barca.

    great compilation and still it’s missing a lot of cheating from when rikjaard was manager.

  • tradingfoursj says:

    yeah, there are very delicate people in this world. of a slight constitution, weak. they are called girlies, faggots, or barca.

    and you are missing all the diving and acting from when rijkaard was the manager.

  • sukhdevsahota says:

    The whole world needs to know about these fucking dicks so they dont build a glorious history of triumph built on cheating!!!

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