Barcelona Goalkeeper Celebrate 29th Birthday

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January 14, 2011, Barcelona goalkeeper Victor Valdes with the Inexpensive England Football Shirts celebrates his 29th birthday. Considering that the very first group in Barcelona in 2002 after the very first problem, the red and blue army Valdes played 385 video games, second only to the legend of Barcelona Soppy Saratov report 410 games in group history. In 9 a long time, Valdes a “hand of butter” grew to become the guardian of two generations of the dream crew of super goalkeeper. September one, 2002, is an unforgettable day of Valdes. On this day, representatives of Barcelona Valdes for the first time visual appeal-the initial team from Atletico Madrid. Given that then, Barcelona Valdes with the Spanish League Football Shirts played for a complete of 385 video games, 25 games quick of the 410 field will be matched file Soppy Saratov. Needless to say, Barcelona Valdes is destined to become the very first goalkeeper in heritage, no matter whether the quantity of appearances for the club or the immense honor. In the 2002/03 time, the coach of Barcelona Valdes Andi Qi was then promoted to a crew, but they get turns with the Nuo Bona. The subsequent 12 months, the crew leader of Rijkaard, Valdez grew to become the undisputed number a single goalkeeper. In 2006, Barcelona in Paris, won the 2nd Champions League background. Men in Guardiola, Valdes, and the team are in the clutter and get 6 crown. While Casey has been removed from the national team, but Valdes is fortunate to have named the team’s Entire world Cup with Spain to attend the historic victory. Barcelona goalkeeper with the Barcelona Fc Football Kit hate this spot even once, “I do not want to be a keeper, I really feel quite negative, I feel that my job need to not be a professional goalkeeper, but after a handful of issues I altered an viewpoint.”In Valdez’s profession is not fully crammed with joy. Van Gaal had wished to coach Barcelona B team Valdes again, with out success, there are rumors that he and the Liverpool goalkeeper Reina in between the existing odds. But this can not be prevented from Barcelona Valdes with the Barcelona Shirt group to be revered and cherished folks. Specific, Iniesta, Valdes, in his thoughts is like a brother.

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