Barcelona upset over Gabriel

Spanish giant Barcelona is upset about the way Santos sold forward Gabriel to Inter Milan.

It is believed that Barcelona has an agreement in place with the Brazilian club that allows them to have the first option on the purchase of some players. The Spanish side argues that they were not given enough time to decide whether they will buy the player or not.

The agreement is in place since 2013 when Barcelona signed Neymar from Santos. It is reported that they pay an additional fee of €7m to guarantee that they have a preferential option for the purchase of several players among which was Gabriel.

Barcelona feels that they were not given sufficient time to consider whether they will be purchasing the striker or not. It is believed that the Brazilian club only gave Barcelona 48 hours to decide whether they need the player or not. The Barcelona board argues that they were given incomplete information about the player and that they could not make a proper decision in the timeframe that they were given.

It is believed that the Spanish side might be reporting Santos to FIFA for a breach of agreement.

Santos president Roma has stated that they do not fear Barcelona and that they can do what they want. He said that he needs to look for the best interest of the club. He stated that Santos took the decision to sell the player at the last minute and that they did not have enough time to inform Barcelona. He said that he does not think he did something wrong and that Barcelona are free to report them if they want to.

Gabriel is considered as being a hot Brazilian prospect and said that he is happy to be playing for Inter. He stated that the Italian side is a great team and that he is determined to succeed there.