25 comments on “Barcelona Vs FC Porto (2-0) All Goals & Full Match Highlights HD

  • Diogo Ribeiro says:

    I don’t speak monkeyness(Spanish .|.) and this was another steal from
    Barcelona team… Who has money has everything and you just win with
    refferes because Porto would win this match easy. If you know to speak
    english you spanish jerks answer… Spain suck even the girls are bad all
    easy that means they are sluts ;)

  • Shando Humphrey says:

    wow. so many barca haters here. saying that barca got humiliated when they
    won and had clearer goal scoring opportunities. smh. and that wasnt a
    penalty. the 2 players crashed into each other

  • Joao Santos says:

    i’m sorry but when you say that i can’t take you seriously. Spain is known
    for being the best team in the world but also as a team that gets all the
    calls to them, and don’t even get me started on UEFAlone

  • Joao Santos says:

    UEFALONA cheated against Chelsea so don’t even try, so many fouls/penalties
    should have been called for Chelsea that weren’t.. and my mistake i wrote
    Inter but i was think Real madrid. But then again Real is a dirty team so i
    can care less but still disgraceful for the game.

  • EduFabolous says:

    do you know ABOLA and Record? and Ricardo Araujo Pereira is a fan of
    Benfica, and yes were are talking about jornalist, PRESS like you said! all
    benfica does is whine and cry, when you lost at your own stadium you turn
    off the lights! sore losers, it should be different given the fact that you
    guys lose all the time!

  • PortugalGamerHD says:

    LOL Mourinho doesn’t fall that often xD But yeah, i don’t like him
    either(He is very, very, very arrogant) “Every EPL Fan”(Not everyone), I
    for example, always liked that fast paced game style, and all that emotion,
    and goals, etc…. Yeah maybe, EPL, is not as competitive(But is one of the
    most)as La Liga, but in terms of games, show and ENTERTAINMENT(Thats the
    most important thing in Sports for a spectator) i think EPL, is by far the
    best! 😉

  • Cesar Delgado says:

    You brainless idiot, if we use that reasoning with la liga then la liga
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PL in terms of competitiveness seeing as Valencia, who
    finished 3rd, only ended up with 11 points more than the 10th place team
    where as Arsenal, who finished 3rd in PL, ended up with 23 points more than
    the 10th place team.. If you want to use retarded logic to make PL look
    more competitive than la liga, atleast do your research to make sure that
    it will fit your arguement. moron.

  • Joao Santos says:

    are you autistic or just really stupid? 1rst team place Real ended up with
    39 more points than 3rd place valencia. 39! just two places over and it was
    39 point difference!.. Real only lost 2 games and tied 4 last year in La
    Liga and finished 73 points ahead of last team placed Racing.. Compared to
    EPL where Man u and Man city lost 5 games, tied 5 games and finished 64
    points ahead of last placed team Wolves.. Those are the stats and facts
    dumbass, La Liga isnt competitive, get over it kid.

  • Cesar Delgado says:

    I have nothing against the portugues, except for Ronaldo, Figo, Pepe and
    Mourinho, but its well known that they like to fall down very easy. You can
    like the EPL all and that, but the league isnt really that competitive. All
    I will say about the strategy, is that when EPL was the best(2007-2010)
    every EPL fan were saying that they prefer the epl over la liga because of
    the strategy and defensive prowess but now when defense in the EPL is
    shite, they like it because they dont do defence

  • TheEgoshoooter says:

    barcelona is the most overrated team ever ! when spain won the european
    championship twice and the world cup once everyone really everyone was
    talking about barca players ! i mean xavi,iniesta,puyol,pedro etc. nobody
    was talking about alonso,ramos and casillas although they are the best on
    their position ! right now messi and uefa are most overrated ever :3

  • You just cry becasue barcelona are the best team and you just cant take it
    and start making excuses.Barcelona have the best game ever…and many
    agreed with that.I watched the matches,what happened at chelsea was a
    disgrace as you ssaid it,but then i see no more cheating from barcelona,but
    from other teams,for example real madrid is the most known for diving and

  • LOOOL And what interests if Abidal see or not Guarín?! What interests is
    that he made Guarín fall, stomping his foot. And yes, of course, Abidal is
    blind, he didn’t see Guarín! LOL

  • Joao Santos says:

    Yes Villa dived because as soon as Ramos picked him up he started shoving
    him and was fine idiot.. and everyone dives from any country, no player in
    the world has never not dived sadly, but the difference is Barca wins games
    to do acting by getting the other team red cards, every team from La Liga
    dives but its to a different point with Barca

  • Joao Santos says:

    no they’re diving bitches. Just look at all the videos of Villa, Alves,
    Buesquets, Pedro and even messi diving and acting

  • Cesar Delgado says:

    The competitiveness of the EPL is soooo bloody overrated. Man city and Man
    utd last season didnt even get past the grp stage(man city still cant) and
    finished 19 points behind the third. OMFG WHAT A COMPETITIVE LEAGUE!! Now
    imagine if no oil money was involved, then Man utd would have finished 19
    points behind the 2nd team a.k.a l’arse and once again WHAT A BLOODY
    COMPETITIVE LEAGUE!! /sarcasm Neither epl nor la liga nor serie a are

  • Joao Santos says:

    Again you embarrass yourself hahhaha. Idiot I started out the discussion a
    while ago saying La Liga wasn’t competitive, then you said niether was EPL
    and Seria A. You cant defend your arguement of La Liga not being
    competitive so you attack the EPL which is just a joke because every
    football expert would laugh at you right now. Everyone knows that EPL is
    100 times more competitive than La Liga other than Hispanics who can’t deal
    with that fact. UEFAlona would blow in the PL due to the difference

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