25 comments on “Barcelona Vs Manchester United 1-2 Full Match Highlights And Goals 30-7-2011

  • WelcomeTheDevil says:

    @SyedFahmi93 man u 2-1 barcelona

    inesta, xavi are called rookies, what the fuck are you talking about

    nani and owen scored agains barca no 1 goalkeeper

    owen, welbeck, clevey, jones, smalling, anderson are man utd 2nd team

    if you can not accept tom clevery and anderson destroyed thiago and barcelona in usa then i can not help you

    score should have been man utd 3-1 barca, owne missed easiest goal

    very young man utd destroyed barca in USA

    tom clevery made barcelona look stupid

  • adammahmood1 says:

    @SyedFahmi93 It was not Man Utd’s fault that they never had their best team on.Is Iniesta a rookie.NO.If he is a rookie is nominated for world player of the year.

  • @peanutbutter11385 Yeah right. 🙂 I don’t care if they lose the match with 10-0. I-m not a huge fan of any team, but of football.

  • qwerty112996 says:

    Why are people like Oh Barcelona lost to chivas 4-1 and man u 2-1 their era is over? theyre just fucking friendlys, without their strong team.

  • SyedFahmi93 says:

    I see All Manchester United Stars Playing..But Barca Got Rookies On their side..Still its 2-1…Go go Barca… Btw Gratz To M.U Fans…Peace 😀

  • WelcomeTheDevil says:

    i am man utd fan, i always think about present time, if man utd buy wesley snider and ganso, man utd will beat current barca team

    ganso, nani, snider, rooney, chiciatio, valencia, tom clevey, anderson

    man utd players above will destroy current barca team

    did you hear chivas 4-1 barca, team have found ways to destroy barca team

    sir alex said: this barca team will not win next CL, man utd will produce new team

  • peanutbutter11385 says:

    lmao barca lost this game and they lost against chivas fc from mexico, yea “they the best team”

  • EastJesusGuitarist says:

    @WelcomeTheDevil Stop thinkng about the past and think about the present RIGHT NOW barca is better than ManU

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