barcelona vs real madrid 5-0 highlights soccer best game classic great goals romario stoichkov

LittleFeet campaign – Assist reduce poverty and develop 3rd planet countries. or 1994 Match-up in between Genuine Madrid and Barcelona. You can now contemplate 1 of the very best “classic” derby games. Barcelona five – Genuine Madrid

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  • ElectricChimp1 says:

    @tforde654 lol i was joking. barca are a gud team, but certainly not ”the best team in the history of football” – thats the biggest load of crap ever. the best CLUB team in the history of football is ironically, and i h8 to admit it, arsenal of 03/04. they went the whole season unbeaten and it carried on 11 matches into the next season (49 matches unbeaten). that team could rip apart barca on their day with ease with robert pires, dennis bergkamp, thierry henry, patrick vieira, ljungberg etc.

  • tforde654 says:

    @ElectricChimp1 barcelona are still favourites. arsenal are a good team. you would think from your comment that they are rubbish. every team can have a ‘bad’ game like arsenal 4-4 against newcastle utd a few weeks ago. barcelona have an away goal and many teams would take that going home because they only need a 1-0 win in the return leg.

  • arsenal is 40million team , real madrid is 500 million team plus jose mouhino, arsenal beat barca 2-1 thats price less

  • ElectricChimp1 says:

    hahahahaha what a shit team Barcelona are! lost 2-1 to Arsenal hahahahahha. Best team ever?? BULLSHIT.

  • amancio233 says:

    Real madrid is fucked again … no matter who plays in real madrid .. we win always .. you gonna lose even if you gonna hire the god of football and let him play with you .. baca is the best team in the history .. its a group .. its a revolution .. its teamplay .. its life

  • guilleory says:

    Vamos a relajarnos segnores, que si usamos el pasado para tocar las narices, aqui el real madrid tiene para joderos todo y mas

    Si me hablais de como esta el barsa este agno entonces me callo

  • mmusqueira says:

    Please watch my channel with my little boy who loves Real X Barça playing football… Who knows he can play like a pro in the future….:))

  • @ledinhgiang jajaja valla ingles de mierda, ademas ¿porke escribis en anglo si aqui todos somos catalanes y hispanoparlantes? dais pena

  • @guguchimodocomplexo casi como tu y tu nick, jajajajaja tiraflecha que te he pillao jajajaj

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