Best Of Ronaldo R9 HD NEW ( Brazil )

Compilation Of Fenomeno Ronaldo of Brazil Music: M@D- The Concert I Do Not Own The Rights– -arubio92 __________________________________________________ Leading 10 Finest World Footballers 2009 This is a new up-to-date video of who I believe are the existing leading 10 football (soccer) gamers in the planet. I have based mostly this on kind and true expertise to pick the leading 10. There are so many proficient footballers at the second, who do you feel will consider top spot? Here are the gamers that I chose from: Sergio Kun Agüero (Atlético Madrid)Samir Nasri (Arsenal)Fernando Torres (Liverpool)Zlatan Ibrahimovic(Inter Milan)Kaká (AC Milan)Wayne Rooney (Manchester United) Cesc Fabregas (Arsenal)Ronaldinho(AC Milan)Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United)Lionel Messi(Barcelona)Gianluigi Buffon(Juventus),Iker Casillas(Genuine Madrid),Petr Cech(Chelsea),Edwin van der Sar(Manchester United),Fabio Cannavaro (Genuine Madrid), Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United), Paolo Maldini (AC Milan), Alessandro Nesta (AC Milan), Carles Puyol (Barcelona), John Terry (Chelsea) (Barcelona), Thierry Henry (Barcelona), Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan), Wayne Rooney (Machester United), Carlos Tevez (Manchester United), Fernando Torres (Liverpool), Ruud van Nistelrooy (Actual Madrid), David Villa (Valencia). The gamers highlighted in this video play for nations: Argentina, Belarus, Brazil, Czech Republic, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Togo, Wales.Arsenal, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Birmingham City
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25 comments on “Best Of Ronaldo R9 HD NEW ( Brazil )

  • tigerHool says:

    Brasil with Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Rivaldo, Cafu & Taffarell was the best team EVER

  • miguelcampoification says:

    tem dois argentino que num gosta na onde que maradona jogo mas que ronaldo onde nem cherano um quilo ronaldo fumava era gordo meu nem pele jogava o que ele jogava com o peso dele imcomparavel

  • DeathValleyRoad says:

    @acphenom The only one here with a small brain and dick is YOU my ignorant dipshit friend… I swear faggots like u need 2 STFU and GTFO u lil bitch. BTW its SOCCER, and I prefer UFC NHL NFL Australian Rugby/Football u dumbass…

  • acphenom says:

    American footballers are lesser athletes and also lesser brains – association football is a more intelligent game where players don’t have to dress-up like The Hulk to compensate for their small dicks. I swear, the same people who come on videos like this to bash real football are the same twats who support the NRA and are always flashing their guns. But whatever, like what you like, just stop polluting tributes to true legends of sports.

  • HereCuzImBoard says:

    @atnighthawk @stillmaticx Reaper Ive seen rugby and the players are midgits compared to American athletes. American football is the pinnacle of ALL sports. It is a mixture of the best of sports and demands only the most talented of athletes. Anyone can kick a silly little ball around. Thats why soccer is a sport fit for children and teen girls. Congradulations on adoring men who excell at a womens sport lol thats what makes America STRONG and the rest of the world WEAK

  • @HereCuzImBoard American Football its a great sport i like it so much, im from Mexico and here we follow a lot NFL, but i prefer soccer, its more technicaly, more atletich, more spontaneus, you need to be more objective, and respect hte soccer cause its the king of all sports. and at least i challenge you to be in front of a free kick with Roberto Carlos on the ball and we will see if you can handle hahaa

  • stillmaticxReaper says:

    @HereCuzImBoard again, if you hate football why are you on this channel watching this video in the first place. if the rest of the world isnt ready PHYSICALLY, then america isnt ready athletically or endurance wise as you’ve got a bunch of overweight fat guys being admired and being called athletes and each play last no more than 40 seconds. a lazy sport for a lazy country, but i guess your into 60 minutes of sweaty fat black guys grabbing each other

  • atnighthawk says:

    @HereCuzImBoard But you wear pads……surely by your logic your just too pussy to play rugby or australian rules football? Plus you can’t really be world champion at anything if its only your country that plays it.

  • @HereCuzImbored are you a kinda of dickface?? american football firstly has nothing to do with you wtf?? and it is only in your piece of shit country that they play that bullshit called american football how can you be called world champion when it is only played in one country and REAL football is played in every country even in yours and its demands are extremly higher than american football

  • HereCuzImBoard says:

    @longhorns13192 @stillmaticxReaper @codebluded Quit being ignorant and realize that the reason the world doesnt favor American football is because the world cant handle a physicaly challenging and grueling sport. Soccer penalizes physical contact and all you glorified soccer icons wouldnt last a minute in American football, a real MANS sport.

  • Tbone180000 says:

    Injuries cut his career short
    we would have seen a lot more from him
    thank you RONALDO!!

  • codebluded says:

    @HereCuzImBoard Um. No mate. American Football is American, yet you call yourselves world champions. Whereas Football, or Soccer in your backward country, is a GLOBAL Sport. G L O B A L. Carry on hating. Hater.

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