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  • I was asked yesterday after posting about Tika Taka #soccer, what is the
    best drill to master Tiki Taka. It requires that all the players on the
    team have the same understanding of the game, are on the same page & always
    moving for one another off the ball to give support. It also requires that
    every player has exceptional touch on the ball – which only comes with
    years of practice and playing. If the players don’t have the touch and
    control, then they can’t make those short passes, usually with just one
    touch, and pull off those quick give & go’s to escape from pressure and
    find space.

    The ideal soccer drill to work on to master the Tiki Taka style of play is
    a possession game in a small square. You can begin with playing in a larger
    square if your team is just starting out but slowly reduce the size of the
    square as they improve. The smaller the square or area your team is playing
    in the more difficult it is to maintain possession of the ball. See how
    many passes your team can string together before a defender touches the
    ball. Get your players to play one and two touch soccer. Focus on getting
    your players to use their bodies to shield the ball and play the way they
    are facing. Again, Barcelona’s possession game is just like playing “piggy
    in the middle”. It’s a huge game of keep away! #StrikerElite

  • Akbar bunprasert says:


  • hackeronte says:

    a bunch of millionairs hitting a ball while astonished mob goes crazy.
    Welcome to Idiocracy.

  • day 6, running low on food and water and still haven’t got the ball. Tell
    my family I love them.

  • John Smith says:

    Does anyone know how many laps around the field these players do for warm

  • lovingmontasoccer says:

    This was the Barcalona from Years ago, The best players like Toure are gone
    and Ibra, Then it would be a incredible team again.

  • DrLucyfer666 says:

    Wel li have a info for u Barca Players 😀 u need to score to win 😀
    possesion means nothing :)

  • Simon Swan says:

    Love seeing professional teams warm-up like this. Highlights how skilful
    they really are.

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