25 comments on “FC Barcelona at Chivas Guadalajara – Game Highlights 08/08/09

  • MuseFan288 says:

    the barca haters make me crack up.
    they pay the refs huh lets look back to the last clasico. what does paying the refs have to do with making 5 goals? my favorite part was sergio ramos’ sportsmanship and ronaldo pushing guardioloa. are those mishaps characteristics of a good team? i don’t think so.

  • 98raza20 says:

    best right back in the world? nar mate thats Sergio Ramos and he plays at the best Spanish club, Real Madrid. Barca pay the refs of and then claim real are cheats.

  • mariothegreat1 says:



    para estar al minuto con todas las noticias de las chivas y el chicharito.

  • kristianosuna says:

    johnjuanski it is michel oo and 4 every one that dosent know javier hernandez is with manchester united kause chivas is one of the best teams in the continent and chicharito rules will see what happens 2 michel venado arellano araujo & baez maybe thell go 2 europe one day

  • tavolorgia says:

    @runeoner true, something else that its true its that all the barcelona players are the best players in their national teams and only 5 of the chivas players were called to their national team and in this game there was only 2 of them playing michel and chicharito, they were missing magallon, bofo, and venado. something sad this was the last game for ramoncito because he is no longer with chivas

  • tavolorgia says:

    @Johnjuanski its not hugo hernandez or liborio than who is it, btw they show him at the end of the video of course its him

  • laurag226 says:

    ariba las chivas, and its truth, barcelona had almost all of their starters. chivas had some also but not all their starters in the the attack

  • EL1DE1LAS1CHIVAS says:

    gracias chivas



  • barca was almost full sqaud…and chivas didnt start medina,bravo,or arellano..not to mention thier star defender magallon..chivas only played with half team..barca had more original starters..

  • samarasz says:

    Messi in the middle of the attacking posistion i think hes a littke to small for that ?? (Not Meant To Be Discriminating)

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