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  • Que se callen para siempre respecto a Mourinho las dudas, las insidias, las inquinas. Que se ahoguen en su propio rencor las vilezas engendradas en Barcelona que tantas veces seducen a la prensa madrileña. Mourinho ha demostrado en cada partido el esfuerzo, la dedicación, la profesionalidad, la seriedad y la imperturbable vocación de hacer su tarea digna y exitosa. Que se abstengan de la crítica los que no tienen opinión propia, los influenciables, los mentecatos, los silentes y los cobardes

  • xXRushOrDieXx says:

    @TheFlygerian And Man United won the premiership… they met at the CL finals. The rest is history.

  • TheLOVEMANU says:

    All fucking teams in La Liga play easy against Madrid while they play hard against Barca, BIGGEST proof are: Atletico Madrid, Atheltic Bilbao, Valencia, Espanyol, Racing and Villarreal

  • TheFlygerian says:

    @MrINTEnSITY9999 Didnt Barca and Real finish like 30 points above 3 and 4th? You know yourself that that wouldnt have happened in the EPL. The Spanish league is so uncompetitive its unreal. Barca would probably have won but they would have lost more than one game and it would have been alot closer. Barca only just struggled past a ten men Arsenal in the first leg and Arsenal finished fourth.

  • MrINTEnSITY9999 says:

    @RUZTY1311 I agree other teams in la liga are not as good as madrid or barca- But that is only because of the qualities of the two spanish giants – If FCB and real madrid were playing in premier league – they would have been first and second in your so called premier league as well -arsenal & chelsea would have struggled to qualify for european cup – these 2 teams are better than any team you have in EPL – Barcelona decimated the best in EPL with greatest of ease – LEVANTE >MANUTD …hehe

  • we deserve it baby cause we r the best team in the world <3<3 goooooooooooooooo fcbarcelona !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Barcelona is good, no doubt about that….however, I don’t agree that they would “walk” over the Premier League. The top ten teams in the premier league are very good and only getting better….the top ten in the Spanish, witht he exception of Real and Barca of course, are not that great. The Champions league is the best place to test their skills against english teams though so we’ll see how they fair against Man U this time around 🙂

  • loubna1111 says:

    Visca Barçaaaaaa! ♥ Visca Barçaaaaaa! ! ♥ Best Messiiiiiiiiiiii! ♥.


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