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  • majesticmessi says:

    Spome of life’s unsolved mysteries, why the hell did Barca buy Ibrahimovich and Chryginsky for those astronomical amounts and the most bemusing and shocking, something i will never get over is….WHY THE HELL THEY SOLD ETO’O….just dosent make sense

  • Worst transfer ever letting Eto’o go. He was a little out of form at the time but he’d just come back from a serious injury. They should’ve given him more time. Instead they lost 40 mil and an awesome striker.

  • emptycell says:

    @cjewelz I like how you chose three players out of the whole squad to make your point. Need I remind you that at many points during the season, Their starting eleven had an average age of 23? Even those oplayers you mentioned started futuring for arsenal much erly on. Barring a few older buys, Cesc started before 18, diaby started at around that age too.

  • @emptycell Koscielny 25/26, Nasri 24, van Persie 28, Walcott 22, Denílson 23, Song 23/24, Djourou 24, Fabiański 26, Cliche 26, Mannone 23, Eboué 28, Gibbs 21/22, Bend’tner 23.

    It’s like, every year you guys are looking forward to next year. Wake up. You’re getting punked/pimped by Arse’nal’s fat cat owners.

  • @emptycell “Arsenal is very willing to try out their youths in bigger games much earlier on, allowing for a speedy development of the players”. For what? They haven’t won anything. I don’t understand Arse’nal fans’ pride at ‘their club’ playing youngsters. Arse’nal fans have got used to mediocrity while ‘their club’ pimps them with the highest tickets prices in world football (?).

    Come on man, those players aren’t young anymore. Diaby 25, Sagna 28, Fabregas 24, Vermaelen 25/26,

  • How do Barcelona not play their youngsters? Have a look at career statistics for Valdés, Puyol, Xavi, Iniesta, Krkić, Messi, Busquets & Pedro. Then come back & try to tell me they don’t play their youth players. They don’t depend on them like Arsenal do. If they did they wouldn’t win anything for 7 years (& counting) like Arsenal.

    It’s about time Arsenal started buying finished articles instead of developing players for Barcelona & Manchester City. Arsenal are a feeder club.

  • emptycell says:

    @cjewelz How is he a failure? how can he possibly be when he has never really had a chance to prove himself? remeber he is still young and unlike barca, Arsenal is very willing to try out their youths in bigger games much earlier on, allowing for a speedy development of the players.

  • As Schuster said Barcelona don’t know how to treat their legends. They did the same to Henry after he saluted the Arsenal fans at The Emirates.

  • @emptycell What are you talking about? Arsenal have enough failures in their squad as it is.

  • RKTheMauritian says:

    Let’s not forget the ridiculous fee for Zlatan Ibrahimovic was £56.5 million + Samuel Eto’o (who himself was worth £25m+ at the time). Bad bad decision..

    To make it worse, Ibrahimovic is now loan at Milan…

  • Jonzer1983 says:

    @Drakness888 they wanted to get rid of the players who had won it all(Ronaldinho,Deco,Eto, and start a new era, 2 of those transfers where right the last one will go down as history of worst transfers ever!

    As a Barcelona fan i miss Eto everythime i watch them play, Ronaldinhos time was over, he did not have more to give, goin to milan to relax was perhaps not the smartest move on his part, now that he is in brazil im thinking he is happy. But Eto? What a misstake, Eto is hungry still dammit!

  • seggiarmandi185 says:

    i was really really really missed him, i thought he’s the key for barca to reach highest level again, henry can on fire in 2009 it because he met his “soulmate” just imagined they had top scorer from europe, african predator and argentinian wonderkid.. it’s completely awesome

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