FC Barcelona Greatest Moments 720p

Look at my other videos: www.youtube.com FC Barcelona | The Street To Achievement | 6 Cups in a Time !! NEW 2010 || HD || FC Barcelona Gamers: one GK Víctor Valdés (2nd vice-captain) two DF Dani Alves 3 DF Gerard Piqué 4 DF Rafael Márquez five DF Carles Puyol (captain) six MF Xavi Hernández (1st vice-captain) seven MF Eiður Guðjohnsen 8 MF Andrés Iniesta (3rd vice-captain) 9 FW Zlatan Ibrahimović 10 FW Lionel Messi eleven FW Bojan Krkić 13 GK José Manuel Pinto 14 FW Thierry Henry 15 MF Seydou Keita 16 MF Sergio Busquets 17 FW Pedro Rodríguez 18 DF Gabriel Milito 19 DF Maxwell twenty DF Dmytro Chygrynskiy 22 DF Éric Abidal 24 MF Yaya Touré ________________________________________ Disregard Tags: FC Barcelona Dinamo de Kiev 29/09/2009 – C. Ronaldo vs Leo Messi 2010 *Champions League – Uefa FC Barcelona Vs Valencia (17/ten/09) Ambitions messi Goles highlights 7ª Jornada Liga BBVA – Barça Vs Inter Milan- Ibrahimovic vs Eto’o sixteen/09/09 – Arsenal vs Chelsea Liverpool vs West Ham Valencia CF vs Genuine Madrid CF FC Barcelona vs Villarreal CF 09/05/2009 28/06/2009 Final Conferedations cup copa confederaciones 2009 USA two-three BRAZIL Objectives and Highlights UEFA Champions League Messi(two) Park Van Persie Genuine Madrid 2-6 FC Barcelona 02/05/2009 – 2th May possibly – The Classic – Ambitions and Highlights Leo Messi [NEW2010] – The Proof – Who mentioned i’m not the greatest? Kuyt Alonso Geovanni two-2 henry messi eto’o resumen completo Highlights in substantial top quality sevilla two-4 real madrid raul hat-trick marclo capel renato liga española Genuine Madrid – FC
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25 comments on “FC Barcelona Greatest Moments 720p

  • khanell786 says:

    please can someone tell me what is the name of the piece of music played in the first minute???? please help me!!!!!

  • culeanna says:

    the ones who disliked this MASTERPIECE of a video are just jealous.

    tots units fem força!

  • msrialen10 says:


  • usopp13 says:

    Arsenal Fan here and this Wednesday is the day 😀 we will 100% give Barca a run for their money. Cesccccccccccccccccccccccccc Fabregassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.
    North London = The Home of Football , Emirates stadium let the game BEGIN.

  • @Asklepios720 I feel you bro. I cry of sadness when they lose and cry of joy when they win!! VISCA BARÇA!!! CULE HASTA LA MUERTE!!!!

  • anel1002 says:

    Congratulations on this magnificent video…Barca really is the best team of the last decade, no one can argue that…

  • UEFABarcafan1 says:

    @SeeToAyee993 wrong, that’s just some on my list. there’s many more. Anyways there’s always the 2-6 RM defeat, and our first UEFA Champions League title in 92, and many more (sorry lazy to type the moments all of a sudden).

  • SeeToAyee993 says:

    @UEFABarcafan1 its barcelona’s greatest moments not _(a player’s name)___’s greatest moments

  • SeeToAyee993 says:

    @Asklepios720 no one? then why did they lose to inter in the last champions league

  • Snukoooo says:

    Barca isn’t just a club, it’s family with millions of brothers and sisters.

    visca barca y visca catalunya. <3

  • 176cgna says:

    @Asklepios720 Any one can beat Barcelona any body is better than them they just have to play with the same heart, mind, and conscience and team members which is impossible and i think that barcelona is a very good team but i still like real madrid better
    o and i hate puyol but love ronaldinho

  • ShadowFyre14 says:

    I can’t stop watching this. This video is amazing and i can’t stand a day without watching this. FC Barcelona is the definition of football.

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