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  • DavidVILLAnumero7 says:


    I understand where you’re coming from, but what I’ve heard about spaniards and living in America is that both countries are incredibly empathetic and kind.

    Thanks for letting me know how to use barça

  • @DavidVILLAnumero7 What if instead of “United States” I say United Statis? It’s wrong! barca is also wrong… It’s not just for you. But in every video that someone from other countries speaks about Barça, spell it wrong…

    Come on Barça fans, it’s not so difficult to spell it right! Real Madrid foreign supporters don’t call they team Real Malrid! It’s about to say the things properly. In Catalonia and in Spain nobody says barca… if someone says that it’s like that is making fun of my team!

  • DavidVILLAnumero7 says:

    C’mon dude, give me a break. I’m a kid from the Midwest who enjoys watching soccer and is a big fan of BARCA (notice the lack of a Ç)
    I really don’t think it matters that one kid says “barca” instead of “barça”, so get a load of yourself

    Give me a break and go preach to someone else who cares

  • @DavidVILLAnumero7 Sorry, but no… I appreciate foreign Barça supporters. But please, write correctly! “Barca” is nothing… “Barca” in Catalan means “ship” so you can’t not say barca…

    If you want to spak about FC Barcelona, say Barça, BarÇA, ççççççç ÇÇÇÇÇÇÇ!

    And also is not “Visca Barça” it’s: “Visca el Barça!”, Visca EL Barça.

  • NBAFunStuffGuy says:

    @kiranslam i came here to make fun of the sport. since i am american, anything non-american is inferior.

  • woodsman513 says:

    @HermanPebe Soccer is short for association football. Now go complain about countries that call it other names.You will get over it eventually.

  • HermanPebe says:

    @woodsman513 First; What the fuck is soccer? It’s football and american football. Second; Greatest country on earth? You guys were pissed on by Al qaeda. You are apart of the greatest war present day. You are the most selfish persons on earth. Fucking idiot…

  • 90alexcatalan says:

    lets be honest 2011and 2006 shud of really been treble years like 2009 . sevilla and real madrid got them in the spanish cup bu very lucky . and then ramos dropped the cup . ! what a fuckin ugly retard

  • woodsman513 says:

    @suplaya1994 I can not help it that you do not know the difference between soccer and football. Soccer is played by European homosexuals and third world trash. Football is played by real athletes who do not fake injuries and its played in the greatest country on earth. AMERICA.

  • About7Beggars says:

    @kiranslam Haha you have such piss poor economic situation so you can’t even afford Cesc, let me laugh, HAHA.

    FC UEFA a.k.a FC Barcelonan have no rules to follow and Manu wtdf are you talking about “went down with honor and respect”? They cant complain about nothing they got 1 offside goal like they always do in the prem league and they got their ass kicked….

    El Barça aspira

  • @About7Beggars i’ll say it again you arsenal cunts, I’m from Barcelona, I’m catalan, I love BARÇA, I’m just laughing my ass off at you pathetic LOSERS

    oh and btw, say byebye to Cesc, he’s ours 😉

  • About7Beggars says:

    @kiranslam Just STFU! Man utd sucks and can’t do shit against Barcelona. At least Arsenal Won over them once adn we were very close to win over them 2006 too! Man utd played like fucking Stoke and parked ur fucking bus in front of ur goal!

    Manu cunts u think u have such a great team but ur team sucks, and now we (Arsenal) can win over u haha u only win shit because u ahve a great manager but ur team sucks.

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