FC Barcelona – Més Que Un Club – 2009 ||HD||

Hey absolutely everyone! This is probably the finest vid I have created till now. I decided to produce this vid simply because I love Barca and simply because they won the treble. If you’re a genuine barca fan then drop some comments. Bear in mind! If you like my videos and channel then subscribe and invite me as a good friend. I’ll promise that I will upload numerous videos. All you have to do is wait. God bless ♥ FC Barcelona is my preferred crew till demise. I love Barca with all my heart ♥ This video is Inspired by 17Ronaldo07Quaresma27 Songs: 1: Instant Songs – Serenata (Choir) 2: 65daysofstatic – Radio Protector 3: Chris Daughtry – More than You Download: www.2shared.com

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