24 comments on “FC Barcelona – Messi equals Kubala as the second highest scorer ever

  • MoodyReds says:

    the most impressive thing is kubula took from the age of 22 to 34 to get 180 goals messi took from 19 to 24. and is now on 196 with 82 assists.

  • iammarvinmarZ says:

    what about paulino alcantara from fcb? he scored 357 goals in 357 matches ? isnt he the top goalscorer of barcelona ?

  • darktomas123 says:

    At the end of his career he will have more than 1000 goals and beat Pelé record so he will be the highest scorer ever.

  • thestuffedshowback says:

    world cup seems a bit far away , he owns but the team sucks =

  • pranavsood94 says:

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  • RonaldinhoSuper10 says:

    ONLY 1 world cup for MESSI and then, these names Pele, Maradona, and Cruyff will be soooooo behind him… messi you can do it…

  • ferrarikingofcars says:

    I would love it if he broke Peles record by the time he retires.

  • donclaro1 says:

    Messi exhibe en cada partido poca urbanidad, respeto y modales de alguien que recibe tanta consideración e inmericido tiempo por los medios de comunicación. Su constante salivar, espumajear y borbotear viscosos gargajos genera un sentimiento emético de claro rechazo. Sus esputos no dejan de acompañar su acción y estos muchas veces inquietan al pensar que algún día puede ahogarse en sus propias babas. Así se comporta este analfabeto, cual guanaco que practica el arte de salivar

  • aggelium says:

    Yes that is a good point. But what he has done for his club team and how beautifully he plays the ball… but yes I agree with you. He only lacks a world cup title. But this being it, he is the greatest. A player who has finesse, needs no tricks.

  • hetikhetikhetik says:

    I think Messi will score up to about 500 by the time his career is over.

  • machadoese says:

    @3MISHAL bitch somebody had to tell you about that score cuz I’m pretty sure you weren’t around at that time. Us on the hand, we watch Barcelona own real Madrid constantly on real time haha

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