25 comments on “FC Barcelona – OFFICIAL NEW KIT 2011 / 2012 – EXCLUSIVE! {HD}

  • flashband100 says:

    I LOVE barca mut that it is soooooo horrible!! 2010-2011 was best and now…. it’s horrible!

  • slatanbonage says:

    @TheGuerrillero36 Vendieron su imagen por dinero, ¿qué más quieres? Ellos no eran patrocinados por nadie y tenían el emblema de UNICEF enfrente de su camisola. Ahora tienen el emblema de qatar, que es famoso por gastar millonadas en el fútbol con ningún motivo aparente. Sólo les faltó poner el símbolo de UNICEF en su ropa interior o en la plantilla de sus zapatos. Ese no es el Barcelona que conocía. Cuando sientas su estadio se llamará “qatar stadium”, jaja clásico; como los equipos ingleses.

  • TheGuerrillero36 says:

    @slatanbonage Yes i Can Very Well But Still Thata Waant An Explanaton.

  • slatanbonage says:

    @TheGuerrillero36 They exchanged their image for money. I see that your name is half Spanish, can you speak Spanish?

  • adrianramirez159753 says:

    i loved barcas kit last season. im not a fan but it was awesome. i have to say that real madrids kit is better

  • 69sylle says:

    You forgot telling that on the inside of the logo there stands “TOTS UNITS FEM FORCA” BTW It’s awesome!

  • 69sylle says:

    Calm down! The new shirts is better than the old ones! They have an unique pattern and a better layout of the text. Trust me I got one myself. it looks better in the real world than on screen.

  • FootballFanOfBarca says:

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  • IFudgeUTV says:

    The home and away kits are awesome! just because qatar foundation is at the front and unicef is at the back that doesnt mean you should hate on qatar or barca , barca is being incredibly nice and putting unicef logo and DONATING money for them…when qatar foundation is paying to put their logo and qatar foundation is a good cause company not like “real madrid” which have Bwin.com which stands for bet and win.com ……

  • dan32113 says:

    @0598901689 its about principle! Qatar have a poor record on human rights! so Barca have know been pimped by a country, that has been ruled by the same family for 200yrs. Barca bend over & take the dirty Arab oil money.

  • 0598901689 says:

    It’s just a shirt fucking noobs …..
    it has nothing to do with the team playing or performance !

  • ahmadkurabi says:

    @aranig10 I think you’re gone be sad when the opposite happens! right? right! end of the subject

  • ahmadkurabi says:

    I am a fan of Real Madrid and after seeing both Real’s new kit and barca’s ones I think our’s are fantastic and barca’s ones suck! so I am happy 🙂

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