FC Barcelona – Pressing

FC Barcelona – pressing. their defend have been usually so underrated. everybody see the posession they have, but they also work genuinely difficult to win the ball again. for me this is a single of the principal cause for their sucsess in current decades tags- xavi hernandez la pelopina talent dribble andres iniesta victor valdes david villa lionel messi sergio busquets dani alves gerard pique fontas dos santos thiago alcantara la masia ballon udinese italy juventus fiorentina di natale chile isla ac milan ibrahimovic inter milan sneijder globe cup dor tiki taka real madrid 5- 1- two- three- four- six- one-one two-1 three-one 4-1 5-two four-2 three-three getafe villarreal allas11 atletico madrid la croqueta cristiano ronaldo vs 2010 2011 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2000 10 20 five copenhagen pinto tiki taka ceuta rubin kazan racing santander sevilla passing sport panathinaikos zaragoza ceuta gorgeous sevilla kazan camp nou free of charge kick penalty complication new planet cup holland germany chile paraguay eric abidal puyol keita yaya toure fc barcelona video clip actual sociedad 5- eight-

25 comments on “FC Barcelona – Pressing

  • UEFALionelMessi says:

    it doesn’t look good when other teams play “tiki taka”

    just saying…

  • king4barcelona says:

    barcelona are better than arsenal because barc can unstoppable never give up fight title
    what joke fuck arsenal have strong line up doing lose game birmingham are weak

  • king4barcelona says:

    @Hendrixspacemahine u dumb u dont know that barc are too strong unstoppable dangerous in nou camp go ask jose mourinho sir alex fergusen raferaal many big coach big club know that barc alway murder kill big club in nou camp they have dangerous midfield iniesta xavi messi know how goal againist big club lol
    arsenal wont easy game in nou camp, go ask lyon bayer chelsea real madrid many big club have strong line up been lose againist barc in nou camp u shit
    barc are better than arsenal becaus

  • sthadjigreghouse says:

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  • Hendrixspacemahine says:

    Tonight for a change Wilshere and Song will press the shit out of Barcelona, you heard it here first

  • Danraemon says:

    The attackers defend
    The defenders attack
    And the referees have Laporta’s fat bribes in their pockets

  • Todos los partidos en una temporada currendo asi


    p.s Forza Inter os lo hemos puesto en el culo lo mismo ahahah

  • strikesagain19 says:

    They dont press the 90 minutes xD they score 1 or 2 goals in few time , and then they press but not in the samy way , although , they have always the bal… xD

  • elrocedetupiel says:

    @TurboKock De cualquier forma, además de tener una posesión tan aplastante, lo que reduce el tiempo de presión, no se si te fijarás en que la defensa está casi siempre en el centro del campo. Eso hace que la presión se reduzca a 20-30 metros con contínuos apoyos. Se puede mantener tal presión si se entrena…

  • elrocedetupiel says:

    @TurboKock Se nota que no vemos muchos partidos del Barcelona. Teniendo en cuenta que la posesión suele ser 60-70% para el Barcelona por partido, esto nos deja como mucho 30 minutos de tal presión por partido. No 90…

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