Fc Barcelona – Skills 2010/2011

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25 comments on “Fc Barcelona – Skills 2010/2011

  • And people say Oezil is better than Iniesta? Pshh, they must be outta their freakin’ minds!!! Iniesta is la illusionista.
    The team is way too skillful. I mean everyone on that first team have great technique and skills.

  • I just want to say one word: BALCONTROL. This guys play football from another planet. The rest isn’t even close. Greetings from Amsterdam.

  • cdbular says:

    @begozo69 , Brazil 70 tampoco invento el futbol ni tampoco el Ajax de Cruyff ni el Milan de Sacci… pero son equipos legendarios, al igual que este Barca.

  • cdbular says:

    @patowc , como que no terminan en nada?? jajaj… 5 goles al mandril…!!!… jajajaj

  • farenjeit says:

    muy bonito, es impresionante verlo a camara lenta, me fascina la capacidad de iniesta para encontrar espacios donde otros solo ven piernas. Messi cambia de direccion en 0,03 segundos y segudamente acelera, es imparable, tecnicamente prodigioso, domina como nadie la fisica del Balon, junto a su menudo cuerpo sus mejores aliados.

  • manykings says:

    @blackpride03 ,that why ronaldo leave man utd was much stupid wrong leave man utd, ronaldo was very good skill dribble everything with man utd but now he play madrid he much hard not soft

  • blackpride03 says:

    @egipteanu It does. Once Ronaldo loses his pace he won’t be able to get past players.

  • egipteanu says:

    @blackpride03 No sh*t luke skywalker? To dribble = to get past your opponent. It doesn’t matter how you do it.

  • Mardok1825 says:

    Ronaldo should realise that on the pitch dribbling is not about “tricks”. It’s about movement balance and not falling down cause “Oh my god did u see him try to break my arm with his middle finger?!” In my opinion he is way behind Messi Robben or Iniesta.

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