10 comments on “FC Barcelona Soccer Analysis – Playing out from Goal Kicks

  • Can u analyse where England go wrong in tournaments pls I feel the pundits on the tele don't give enough insight

  • What will happen if one of the Atletico striker go to close pique as the ball traveling and force him to play to the keeper and another striker come to close the keeper??

  • Football-ManagerYouthDevelopment says:

    Great video, it shows the confidence in the players to hold their positions under pressure in their own box.

  • Wei Xian Ng says:

    Incredibly high technical requirements from the goalkeeper to all of the back four. This is an excellent way to expose spaces vacated in the opponent's half due to the high pressing (if the opponents opt to press), but the technical requirements of this system makes it hard for most teams at lower levels to adopt. Definitely a tactic that you need to have the right players for.

  • Great video mate… please keep uploading these are so beneficial in helping me become a pro.. keep it up!!

  • Keepitonthedeck says:

    People wanted more analysis videos so happy to keep them coming as long as it helps. The latest is an in depth tactical visual learning analysis focusing on how Barcelona play out from goal kicks. Great watch for young footballers or coaches open to improving game intelligence via visual learning analysis. Hope this is helpful to some people out there.

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