25 comments on “FC Barcelona – The Style We Believe – SFBCC1 – By Lenny

  • prodigiii712 says:

    @lennyT777 any1 in da world playing 4 any team wud say that. & he wud even hav 2 say it more as his team got thrashed 5-0 by da blaugranas

  • prodigiii712 says:

    thnx for makin this video mann, its 1 of the best i’ve ever seen. totally loved it & can watch it a 100 times

  • esteban4k says:

    @gosial9393 cause is not , it s from an interview where he s speaking of LOLmadridManitas it s has been cut to make looks like he s speaking about Barca , this dude only appreciate is ass

  • Feisal254 says:

    This is how they finished us in Rome. That final in Rome, Barcelona were more motivated. I hope when Pep is done at Camp Nou, he comes to Old Trafford!

  • lennyT777 says:

    @gosial9393 Well he was still playing for Manchester United when he said that Don’t think he would say it now

  • gosial9393 says:

    I watch this video everyday for few and I still cannot believe what Ronaldo said. He doesn’t look like a person who appreciates the opponent.

  • edgararturomateo says:

    que puedo decir si la verdad no ahí palabra para describir cual magnifico sentimiento se plasma en este equipo donde ante los demás a pesar de todos los logros que ha ido obteniendo aun se respira ese hedor de humildad, si antes queria al barca simplemente hoy lo termine amando, 100 poro corazón barcelona, de lo mejor messi en la cancha y como persona…

  • kinkyshuri says:

    man that song before “sing” by travis. it’s one reason to watch the video a hundred times over. can anybody tell me the title? please *A*

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