FC Barcelona vs Racing 4-0 All Goals *HD 720p* (20.02.2010)

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25 comments on “FC Barcelona vs Racing 4-0 All Goals *HD 720p* (20.02.2010)

  • axipacto says:

    Rafa marquez what a player! not only for the goal, or the first long pass on the first goal, i really don’t know why barca let him go

  • MansourMessi says:

    @pelgot i know he is the best ! i am a big FAN ! i love barça , but there he has show he can do skills ronaldo does !! fuck ronaldo, messi can do what you doing !! messi can more than you ! better than you!! biggest player ever !!!

  • @MansourMessi your head is flipflap. There wasn’t any flip flap, Messi don’t need show off trick’s to go around defenders, he only need his body and fast feet and that is true skill, like old time best player’s.

  • MansourMessi says:

    messi does flip flap on the last goal, who say messi has no skills like ronaldo?? hahah Mesis is da best !!!

  • JuliusMuniesa says:

    I don’t like Alot how Thiago celebrate his goal, very arrogant and Messi deserved some credit.


  • metalmosh6 says:

    @pUyOl544 You don’t always have to be a starter, he wore out towards the end but he was good at set-pieces and long passes. And Henry was(and is) still a good forward despite recent events. Just cause the 2 are in the MLS now doesn’t mean they are bad, they just needed to make room for a new generation of Barca players. Rafa’s best times were in the Rijkaard era, Barca was on a roll those years and Rafa had 21 appearances in his first season.

  • metalmosh6 says:

    @pUyOl544 He was a good player, it was his age is all. Same thing with Thiery Henry but both are past their prime.

  • mpumi101 says:

    Dude u just full of shit. Have u been watching Barcelona games or u just talking out the side of ur ass?

  • soulblacknight says:

    @VivaLaREALMadrid7 It’s the first game, Villa is still adjusting to Barca style. If Barca were to Buy Cristiano tomorrow for 90 million Euros, Pep wouldn’t have him start next weekend, WOULD HE?

  • VivaLaREALMadrid7 says:

    you know whats funny is that Barcelona payed 40mil for David Villa and he isn’t even starting….

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