25 comments on “Football Rivalries-Barcelona v Real Madrid pt1

  • TheBestOne98 says:

    @adamusprime1001 What the fuck are you talking about? Manchester United have only won 2 European championships in European play. Barca > ManU

  • @northernboymufc

    They dont really give a 2 shits about football though , its just an excuse to fight for them . At least in Europe theres passion about the actual football

  • northernboymufc says:

    christ they should put the polish on this, they are absolutely fucked in the mind, that would make a good program

  • JimakosPaoki says:

    @athenscity13 re komplejike skatovazele,gia tin REAL sou milaw egw oxi gia ton PAOK

  • boss180888 says:

    @TheHordeOfTheLiams the game isn’t called el clasico for nothing is the greatest league game there is in the world!!! and it’s not just a sportive rivalry like man u and liverpool…

  • JimakosPaoki says:

    i am fan of PAOK F.C. THESSALONIKI but my second team is REAL MADRID.the best team in the world

  • @bugsy791 My guess is, you are not Spanish, you have no connection to Spain, you’re a western kid who has never even been to Spain, and you have no familial connection to Spain. You only know what propagandists tell you on TV.

  • @bugsy791 “First ever air raid on a civilian population” is laughable. You missed WW1 apparently.

    You forget the fact that Stalin had already killed 35 million people in his own country. The Stalinists had to be stopped in Spain. Check your facts, IDIOT.

    A ruthless dictator who says you can visit Spain anytime you like, you can leave Spain anytime you like, you can basically do whatever you want, press was free in 1966, the universities completely open politically even before then.

  • @XKG80 “franco oppression exaggerated” how about the sanction of the first ever air raid on a civilian population. 1937, over 2,000 basque people dead. hes a ruthless dictator, check your facts. peace.

  • birdcagemind says:

    @TheHordeOfTheLiams don’t foget about internazionale vs. ac miland and romas vs. lazio. and celtic versus rangers.

  • TheHordeOfTheLiams says:

    Deco is talking shit, Liverpool Man Utd all the way…….. GLORY GLORY MAN UTD

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