The future of Barcelona manager Guardiola has come under intense speculation of late. Guardiola’s current contract runs out at the end of the season and he is yet to sign a new contract. This has led to speculation that Pep Guardiola’s time at the Camp Nou has finally come to an end. However, the man who appointed Guardiola in the first place – Former Barcelona president Laporta – has said that the club should allow the two-time Champions League winning manager more time in order to decide on his future. There have been reports that Guardiola is looking for a new challenge after achieving almost everything with Barcelona in the last three years.

Guardiola took over at Barcelona in a difficult time during the history of the club. They were just coming out from the management of Frank Rijkaard, with many players like Ronaldinho at the decline. Real Madrid were top of the Spanish league once again, and Guardiola was handed the difficulties of managing players like Lionel Messi and Xavi. He has more than achieved everything with the club in the three years, which has included three consecutive league titles and two Champions League medals. Guardiola is thought to have made England his top priority when it comes to the next job.

“He’s giving it all as a coach and he will a thoughtful and reasoned decision – and it shall be respected by the club. He always said he would renew every year and he has every right to take time to think before making an important decision. I understand this period of reflection. Guardiola is sufficiently mature and intelligent [to do this],” Laporta told reporters on Tuesday. Whatever happens, Laporta has said that Guardiola will forever be remembered as one of the greatest managers for Barcelona.