26 comments on “Highlights 3-1 Barcelona FC vs Arsenal – Champions League 08/03/2011

  • iionthehorizon says:

    @rapesvida13 Barca know how to win a game of football, there’s no denying that lol.
    In this game, the red card was very unfair and it would have been a very different game of football. Van Persie is Arsenals best. My opinion is that Arsenal would have gone through. Dont support any Champions League team btw.

  • barcakid101 says:

    @MrSSimpala63 lets reason huh,no matter if u think the call was harsh the rules say u kick the ball yellow.persie hears the wistle here why.he shot with weak right when hes a one lefty,near post when he had far post open and if he thought he was in goal scoring situation he should have come in closer,he heard the wistle and took a pot shot

  • MRLoadingERROR says:

    @MrSSimpala63 mourinho has a selective memory…search youtube for Mourinho-Bigest hypocrite

  • sjoerdoo1 says:

    the final should be arsenal – manchester, arsenal deserves it way more than barca!

    thumbs up if you think ta same!

  • MrSSimpala63 says:

    Van persie shouldn’t of gotten that red card, dat was a bullshit call from that gay ass ref.. Mourinho is right, uefa is behind all these bullshit

  • shoumaaa says:

    messi always show’s his skill infront arsenal and almunia..or i’m wrong..visca barcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • rapesvida13 says:

    Same exuses as always try to blame it on the ref its not the reff its barça that know how to play in team work every time barça win you guys try to find an exuse of why they won. They won cus they worked for it

  • eilberon says:

    fuck barcelona they should thank ref that he gave him free gift
    mother fucker

  • DailyGameNooblet says:

    if that’s a red for van persie then there’s 10 reds every match -.-

  • inunez13 says:

    Just because FC Barcelona did not say anything about the referee it does not mean is ok to them, look the game in the minute 31 and on, if u know about soccer there is a very clear penalty against Messi. In the first game the referee disallow a legal goal to Messi he was behind the ball when he scored, in that seme play there was clearly handball and alex song he should had see the red card but no everything was OK back then

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