25 comments on “‘Impressionante’ – Ronaldinho

  • 123darmart says:


    Se los dice alguien que save de esto , mejor que messi maradona cristiano ronaldo pele todos.

    su tecnica era unica

  • FlyTheA380 says:

    Wow, i have to apolagise for pushing the replay button there.
    i believe the best part was 0:00 – 6:59
    justin bieber must have a lot of free time, making 3 accounts. Oh mom, by the way i’m going to kill 3 people.
    Mum: just be home by dinner.
    bananas are yellow. thumbs up if you agree 😀 Awesome isn’t it.
    ”How the hell did we end up like this!”
    hmm.. now let’s see if this works

  • JokerManDX says:

    I check his account .. and at the real video there’s a link .. because at the orginial video there’s No Voice 😉

  • lukasoln14 says:

    why so many people say that maro steals this video.. ITS not true
    read description : ‘Impressionante’ – Ronaldinho by MaikelRonaldinho!!!
    now stop saying he stole this video.. -.-
    and ronaldinho is the king.. he could do what noone could 😀

  • ANDLINOpium says:

    the english is very shit languages….when we speak it seems that you have the full mouth… -.-

  • Labtec86 says:

    This has to be the most amazing video montage of this guy ever.
    Its too bad we couldn’t see his magic this World Cup. Pure respect to Ronaldinho and xxxmaro10xxx!

  • stormbre4ker says:

    Forgot to show the failure of ronaldinho and barça
    against internacional in the fifa world cup final!!

  • Steinroses says:

    Excelente recopilacion de los grandes momentos de Ronaldinho, increiblemente un idolo total. Sin duda alguna el mejor jugador de todos los tiempos…

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