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  • commonsense2008 says:

    We needed him last summer AAAARGH..Holland missed something in the offense. Van Persie and Huntelaar were hopelessly out of shape. Elia and Robben were doing well, but we needed more than that. With a guy like Cruyff or Van Basten and or Gullit we would have grabbed the title. By the way, very well compiled video

  • StrangeDeimos says:


    nah van basten wasnt an almost a perfect copy of cruijff, not even close. Van basten was a pure striker, cruijff was everything on the pitch

  • When people say, Messi is the greatest football player of all time, it makes me lol. Messi is a great dribbler and goal scorer, but Cruijf can put a whole team to an higher level. Messi can only perform well with people like Xavi and Iniesta around him, but Cruijf didnt need a good team. Instead, he made others play better by his runs, dribbles, crosses and passes

  • iurikorolev says:

    Cruyff is the best from Europe, but he can not´╗┐ be put ahead of Pele and Maradona, because he wasn’t champion in 1974 world cup. His performance in the final game was mediocre. OK ?

  • Cruijff dirbbels better than anyone has ever done, has a formidable shooting technique and is a passer Xavi could learn some things from. This man is without doubt one of the best ever, if not the best. And even if he wasnt, I’m a 110% sure that there is no one on this planet that understands the game of football better than Cruijff. You like the way Barcelona plays nowadays? You are looking at Cruijff’s masterpiece, his Mona Lisa. He truely is a football legend.

  • Cruyff was the ultimate player who revolutionised football to a ground breaking level. His Turn is still puzzling, what a genius. He is Legend !!

  • Johan Cruijff! In the eyes of the world he is still god! His kind of play is the best ever seen. Marco van basten was almost a perfect copy of cruijff sadly he was badly injured and had to stop his career.

  • @richis109
    And the ironic thing is, they style of play Spain plays was created from Crijff because he used the total football approach when he managed Barcelona.

  • Too bad Cruijff has all but abandoned the Netherlands for his new adopted nation, Spain. He even openly picked them the win the world cup finals, and was constantly criticizing their new style of safe play despite the fact they were wining through the entire thing.

  • Who is really better, Johan Cruyff or Christiano Ronaldo?? In Asia, who is better than Fandi Ahmad??

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