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Although at True Madrid with the Inexpensive Soccer Jersey Özil, but everybody will don’t forget for it, Van der Vaart contribution last period. During the lengthy-phrase harm in the Kaka, the Dutch striker resumed the banner of the new vessels. Now, Van der Vaart plays for Tottenham Hotspur, who is the very best new Premier League time competing with much more favorable terms. In an interview, “Mark” interview, Van der Vaart birth to her very own childhood.’I come to feel as a dream I have in the Premier League in eleven objectives but also in the Champions League into two balls. I advised myself into the position of team felt quite proud, I am really happy at Tottenham. “Van der Vaart explained:” The Premier League with the Nationwide Soccer Jersey has played as well quick, the technology can only be knowledgeable players, but are just running like crazy. I enjoy the Premier League and are at the peak of his occupation. each and every can make me pleased taking part in sport, the coaches wonderful self confidence in me. “Actual Madrid Vaart Van der regret leaving? The Dutch refused to answer right the query. “Real Madrid has provided me a lot of fond memories, it is the world’s greatest clubs, I have dreamed at minimum play for Genuine Madrid last period, I invested the very last few of many years. J’ve left club, but even now keep in touch with many former colleagues. Recently I was in Spain, and met with Ramos. It was peculiar, since I even now feel they are the True Madrid. “Barcelona, which is far more challenging? ” Van der Vaart chose the 2nd choice: “They will win, will be very hard, because Barcelona with the Barcelona Jersey Soccer is also sturdy, I examine the countrywide traditional, Barcelona is the obvious favourite to win the League Champions League Arsenal extremely ?. powerful, but the club level up in another line, like last yr easily run versus Arsenal in the exploitation of Barcelona, the Design Law has not forgotten comfort and ease in Madrid: “If Spurs can not be in the Champions League this year, so I hope that the they win. “”Actual Madrid has offered me several fond reminiscences, it is the world’s largest clubs, I have dreamed at minimum play for their final period, Actual Madrid, I spent the final few of a long time. J’ve left club, but nonetheless keep in touch with many previous colleagues. Recently I was in Spain, and met with Ramos. It was strange, due to the fact I still think they are the Genuine Madrid. “Messi deserves the Golden World? Van der Vaart affirmative solution: “Despite the fact that Messi has not won the 2010 Globe Cup, but I believe he is the best player with the Barca Shirt Soccer in the world This is not only for his excellent efficiency previous year but due to the fact he constantly was. The individuals the entire world. “

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