Lionel Messi ★ 2010 ★ Simply The Best |HD| – Dribbles, Skills, Tricks and Goals

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25 comments on “Lionel Messi ★ 2010 ★ Simply The Best |HD| – Dribbles, Skills, Tricks and Goals

  • I bet everyone that if messi had the socks to the knees, height of 1.80m, muscles, a 10000 dollars hair dresser and trying to make stupid tricks… all that apart from what he does.. that 62 dislikes would be gone.

  • PolishFootballHD says:

    Fantastico video! Btw. I’m not Spanish!
    But it is the best video I have ever seen (about Messi)
    Fantastic Vegas montage.

  • Drible - Messi
    Agility – Messi
    Head – Ronaldo
    Speed – Ronaldo
    Strength – Ronaldo
    Shoot – Ronaldo
    Power – Ronaldo
    Ronaldo is better
    anyone with half a brain cell will know this. get out the lil guys arse for once both great footballers but check the stats. only reason why messi is favoured is because of their attitude. ronaldos arrogance doesnt do him any good but the arrogant have been the best in sport….Tyson, Ali, Mayweather, Cantona

  • @lopezkid123 stop asking for attention it’s meaningless to get ‘thumps up’ in youtube… it doesn’t reward you anything other than patheticness.

  • barcakid101 says:

    @avenue745 ronaldo more complete messi better impact player,he dominates a game far better than ronaldo can

  • efc4ever123456 says:

    Messi is good- Ronaldo is good
    So far this season ronaldo has scored more goals? messi is more creative and quick than CRonaldo.
    He gets round players in one swift movement taking less than a second wereas ronaldo uses stepovers and to be honest if you watch he gets no-where really
    And when messi cuts inside his left foot is fucking insane!

  • You NEVER hear any TRANSFER speculations involving messi, NEVER!
    If so, where would do u strt with naming the PRICE?

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