Lionel Messi – Fc Barcelona 38 Goals Season 2008-2009 ! NEW !

Lionel Messi all ambitions Time 2008 2009 in FC Barcelona Make sure you Rate and Comment this video ! one Lionel Messi aim vs Racing Santander 2 Lionel Messi objective vs Sporting Gijon 3 Lionel Messi aim vs Sporting Gijon four Lionel Messi aim vs Espanyol 5 Lionel Messi target vs Shaktar Donetsk 6 Lionel Messi target vs Shaktar Donetsk seven Lionel Messi goal vs Atletico Madrid eight Lionel Messi goal vs Basel nine Lionel Messi aim vs Malaga ten Lionel Messi aim vs Basel 11 Lionel Messi aim vs Benidorm 12 Lionel Messi aim vs Recreativo Huelva 13 Lionel Messi goal vs Sporting Lisbon 14 Lionel Messi aim vs Sevilla 15 Lionel Messi target vs Sevilla sixteen Lionel Messi aim vs Genuine Madrid 17 Lionel Messi objective vs Atletio Madrid 18 Lionel Messi aim vs Atletico Madrid 19 Lionel Messi goal vs Atletico Madrid twenty Lionel Messi target vs Osasuna 21 Lionel Messi goal vs Deportivo la Coruña 22 Lionel Messi goal vs Numancia 23 Lionel Messi objective vs Numancia 24 Lionel Messi target vs Racing Santander 25 Lionel Messi target vs Racing Santander 26 Lionel Messi goal vs Atletico Madrid 27 Lionel Messi objective vs Mallorca 28 Lionel Messi target vs Athletic de Bilbao 29 Lionel Messi objective vs Olyimpique Lyon 30 Lionel Messi aim vs Malaga 31 Lionel Messi aim vs Bayern Munich 32 Lionel Messi target vs Bayern Munich 33 Lionel Messi target vs Getafe 34 Lionel Messi goal vs Valencia 35 Lionel Messi target vs Real Madrid 36 Lionel Messi aim vs Genuine Madrid 37 Lionel Messi goal vs Athletic bilbao 38 Lionel Messi objective vs Manchester United much more tags
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25 comments on “Lionel Messi – Fc Barcelona 38 Goals Season 2008-2009 ! NEW !

  • friawan88 says:

    the good thing about messi that he doesn’t do worthless moves to trick the other player. every move he does has a purpose . thanks again joonn97ar nice editing i really enjoyed the vid.

  • santinasiford05 says:

    I love this video , oh and I have something to ask you can I send you a message i want to c this movie in web movie tube

  • crl8200 says:

    @MrLazer21 actually ronaldo scores a lot with his left foot (even for a long range shot). Speaking of which, I barely see Messi scoring with his right foot.

  • MrLazer21 says:

    @KaYlaloVesTna Do you think that ronaldo can score for left foot??? and its never time for ronaldo!

  • KaYlaloVesTna says:

    messi is wack mr i could only score with my left foot. his goals are all the same garbage viva ronaldo bitches 2010 2011 its ronaldo time

  • barbarash says:

    I know it is blasphemy to dare compare him to the likes of Pele or Maradona but there is no doubting Messi is on that level now, the guy is untouchable at the moment, in 20 years of watching football obsessively I’ve never seen anyone as gifted as him that includes Fat Ronaldo, Fake Ronaldo and Zidane.

  • abbegrabbe says:

    messi rules but manchester city say they wanna buy him for 200 000 pounds and give him what he wants but i dont think he wanna play in a as sucking team!

  • mozaffar1960 says:

    El mejor equipo de futbal de toda la historia. Gracias adiós para darme la vida para ver a este equipo !!!!.busca barc, futbal!!!!.

  • Gabrielus97 says:

    you wish they suck they obviously dont since they were were the first spanish team to win three cups in a row.

  • JustZlatancom says:

    and technique and vision and passing and shooting and strenght and agility and eye for the goal and team player and there you have Leo Messi.

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