Lionel Messi Hat-Trick vs Zaragoza *HD 720p* (21.03.2010)

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25 comments on “Lionel Messi Hat-Trick vs Zaragoza *HD 720p* (21.03.2010)

  • @XeroMaano
    Ok,hes one of the best ever
    but not the best ever
    you have to win your country the world cup to be known as one of the best
    etc. pele,maradona
    nice opinion though

  • snake3741 says:

    can u please re upload messi vs valencia 3-0
    for some reason i cant watch it, some thing about copy right

  • 3lMESSIas10 says:

    he still got so much time to pass that record and even more than the ones he’s done already…


  • rally511 says:

    @LeJigean what the fuck do you mean, are you forgetting that messi is just 23 years old?

  • Trollingization says:

    Messi is fucking strooong! I know he is pure talented and is skilled like none other,but he wont go down!He is running towards defenders who is like 10-20 centimeters taller than him,and weighs like 20-30 pounds more and they are the one falling on the ground.This boy has everything; Balance, physical strength, mental strength, speed, wonderful vision of the game, intellect, passing, shots and incredible dribbling, a pure genius, thats all.Enjoy ppl, players like him wont appear again, ever!

  • CafeCigar says:

    @OrvidMunchen One small detail that I noticed last season when I was watching him: He really aim for scoring 47 goals, especially in the last match. He’s got actually about 20′ to score goal number 48, but he was really calm and not rush for that.
    I had the feeling that he prefer to balance the 47goals record rather than surpass it by just 1 goal.
    It’s like he was saying: “OK that is enough for now. I will break the record soon. Just wait and see”. And he’s going to do that this season. Amazing!

  • CafeCigar says:

    @OrvidMunchen Indeed!!! And this makes the 47-goals record of Messi more beautiful than Ronaldo’s :). Even this 47-goals record is more valuable than the ’48-goals’ record.
    In fact, in this record Messi has more high quality and entertaining goals than Ronaldo does.
    And this year, he surely will surpass his own goal record for one season. He’s got totally 43 now.

  • OrvidMunchen says:

    @Gfresh844 , I am sure he will score more than 55 this season. He is just great ….

  • OrvidMunchen says:

    @RealLegendUnitedFC , Both Messi & Brazilian Ronaldo scored 47 goals for Barcelona in one season. Messi did it in last season, Ronaldo did it back in 1997. As for this season, Messi already scored 42 goals in 36 games and he is probably going to score more than 50 goals this season. Simply amazing !!!

  • LeJigean says:

    Messi is a great player; but if you want to be considered amongst the greatests of all times you have to win a world cup or at least do something significant in that competition with your national team; maybe Messi will not play another world cup..

  • RealLegendUnitedFC says:

    that third goal was some classy placement, 99 out of 100 footballers would have wasted that chance by blasting it or they would get lucky and crack one into the back of the net

  • RealLegendUnitedFC says:

    @OrvidMunchen but i thought that messi had the record… i didnt know it was ronaldo

  • jesilamelli says:

    of couse he is the best, he is argentinian people….just the best…first maradona…today messi and be aware…there s more cooking..heheheh!!!
    Vamos argentina carajooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!<3

  • Gfresh844 says:

    So he’s already scored seven more this season than he had done a month and a bit later last season.. I expect him to end up with at least 60+. What a player.

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