Lionel Messi to get Huge Hike in Salary

Lionel Messi is all set to get an unbelievable salary hike at Barcelona as his new salary is supposed to match the salaries that the players are getting in the Far Eastern regions.

While the exact figure is not known yet, it’s understood that Messi will be receiving more than 2 million Pounds every month for his services and that is still a hell of an amount in European Football.

But, Barcelona will not be at loss giving this much of an amount to their Premier Player because with him in the team, their brand value will remain as high as ever and they will continue making a huge sum from the sponsors.

Messi has always been the possession of Barcelona as far as the senior club Football is concerned and the club chiefs have always taken care of the fact that he is content at the club in terms of salary and everything.

And that’s why, it never looked like a possibility that Messi would think of a move to somewhere else.

But, for the past some time, things were beginning to change and it was reported that the Argentinean was now more open to explore his options worldwide and that was definitely not music to the ears of Barcelona well-wishers.

Obviously being the Footballer that he is, there was not going to be any shortage of interest. Rich clubs were knocking on the door and were threatening to take him away, forcing Barcelona to do something to keep their most precious asset.

The head coach Enrique is already vacating his position after seeing Barcelona through this season and with that if Messi had departed as well, it would have been kind of unsustainable for the Catalan giants. So, they had to come up with this bumper salary hike for him.