Lionel Messi vs Mallorca ( MOTM)

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25 comments on “Lionel Messi vs Mallorca ( MOTM)

  • totaalvoetbal says:

    Great match by Messi, good to see that he involves match more in the midfield, to express his creativity, especially when Xavi doesn’t play.

    The fantastic one-two goals in this season, prove my point. as well as his increase in assists. He keeps on improving, while he is already the best player in the world. I hope he will reach Maradona-level.

  • @myltino I even can’t do that on ps3 lol

    But people who say that he suck with his head are stupid:

    1. Barcelona doesn’t cross the ball in the box like any other team, they’r passing the ball around TIKI TAKA!
    2. Messi is 1,69 m tall! so don’t be surprised that he never score a goal by a header haha
    3. I think Messi is a great header but unfortuned he is a small boy 🙁 but the fact that he is small makes him do incredible dribbles and gives him much speed!

  • vakondnagymami says:

    @14skills14 hahaha:D i wish there were any videos about it in youtube:)
    love that Messi never stops.:)

  • Funny how some messi haters say that messi can’t score a header ! Well Saturday he didn’t just score any header, he actually juggled the ball in the air before scoring it … it’s something only you can do on a PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or PC …

  • elmagicoleo10 says:


    yes man that what we all believe in

    this guy is somthing special

    his way of play is like a fantasy

  • 14skills14 says:

    i was watching this game and near the last quater the camerman shows a clip of pep guardiola shouting ‘Leo!! then a subsitute sign with his hands and then 2 seconds later his reaction is ‘please just for me!!’ and laughs. i presume messi refused to go off for any rest time lol.

  • fabricito says:

    allas, thanks for your vids… man, you should be doing professional videos in a tv company.. you are the best.. sorry for my english.. maybe someday you will know Messi

  • lildarkd says:

    @elmagicoleo10 I think its because the game is becoming too easy for him, so he rarely tries hard. I wish he did though because a Messi trying could be highly entertaining. EX. the 2nd half vs bilbao

  • messifanaticXD says:

    Yes.. I totally agree with @elmagicoleo10.. Seems a little tired in last few games.. But he is recovering.. one week without any game.. would have given him plenty of rest.. With so many games coming up.. This would have been a recovering week for all Barca players..

  • elmagicoleo10 says:


    chek my video of messi first ^_^


    stopped becuase of his studies at college & it takes alot of time to make a video + he got a warning from youtube if he upload any la liga video

  • shubhamqweasd says:

    @elmagicoleo10 r u elmagicomessi or you know him!
    why did elmagicomessi stopped making videos !!
    and allas 14 u doing a great job !
    1 ques – if you rate C.Ronaldo (5/10)? how will you rate messi !
    write ur answers!

  • TheCarProduction says:

    @elmagicoleo10 what do you mean that he is not at his best at all, do you mean that he will get better and improve more?

  • boss180888 says:

    another great video. i just can’t stop praising these players, everyone did brilliant specially after the first goal!! CRa7 otra vez XD

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