Luis Enrique hints of Barcelona relying on other Player than Messi

Luis Enrique has denied that the Barcelona management might think about relying on someone else than Lionel Messi for taking the penalty hits in future.

Messi has been missing penalties quite a bit off late and that has raised concerns among the Barcelona fans.

Messi’s costliest miss came in the previous game of Barcelona in which they were taking on Manchester City in Europe.

People have been of the view that some other player, who is in better form than Messi, should be given the responsibility of converting the penalties.

Enrique though does not seem to be supporting that view. He is totally behind Messi and he made it clear that he was not bothered by some of the errors that the Argentinean star has committed on penalties in the ongoing season.

There have been problems between Messi and Enrique during the latter’s tenure at Camp Nou and that’s why, the journalists were trying to force that point of penalty miss in the post match press conference.

But, Enrique was pretty calm and he answered all those questions wisely. He would probably have been gutted that the opportunity was missed to take a lead of 2 goals and go into the return leg with a huge advantage, but, even if that was the case, he did not show it.

When asked about the miss, the Blaugrana boss said, “That’s part and parcel of the game. The guy who takes so many shots is bound to miss a few, but, we trust Leo to the fullest and he is the guy we would turn to again the next time a penalty comes our way.”

“If you keep the miss aside and see how Leo played overall, it was outstanding and it’s not him alone, everyone raised his game which is what you want on days like these.”