24 comments on “Manchester United 2-1 Bayern Munich 1999 UEFA Champions League Final

  • Thornton1882 says:

    lets be honest…. Bayern deserved to win, but fair play to Man United’s spirit to keep going right until the final whistle

  • ragTagblues says:

    Arguably one of the most dramatic finishes to a match of all time?

  • Invinciblez18 says:

    Clive Tyldsley was on point with the commentary here as well, you dont usually out-do Martin Tyler on SKysports but he did with this game

  • Jack Ford says:

    if you think about it, teddy sherrimgham won it for us , if he didnt head that ball, we might not have won. can you hear the scousers sing? i can’t hear a fu*king thing!!!

  • Pats4life14 says:

    I remember watching this game when i was about 5 yars old,didnt support any teambut my dad was united,I remember th last 3 minutes playn out and my dad going craz with joy,ever since that day i was a united supporter:)

  • oagih90aa says:

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  • oagih90aa says:

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  • beatlesann says:

    I love Manchester United,in past ,now and in future !
    the best club for me

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