25 comments on “Messi vs Estudiantes 19.12.2009

  • DragonIncorporated says:

    Christiano once said; I was sent here by God to play soccer.

    Messi replied; I didn’t send anyone.

  • UEFALionelMessi says:


    the “FIFA Club World Cup”. And only Club Champions from each Continent can join.

  • connorrehanfeaglasgo says:

    every season he improves and just becomes miles ahead of everyone else. what will he be like in 4-5 years? greater than maradona?

  • Thanks..i learn a lot from your videos… god bless you man… thanks again for your great efforts i really love your videos

  • yosoychapulin says:

    Before the game began. Sepp Blatter came out to shake hands with all the players and Barcelona players the shook hand of Mr.Blatter very respectufully, but Estudiantes players (not including captain JUAN SEBASTIAN Veron) did with a huge pissed frown on they’re faces as if they wanted to kill him HAHAHAHAA
    it all goes back to Diego Maradona I don’t even beleive that Sepp Blatter can go to Argentina for vacation or anyone affiliated with FIFA because Argentina HATE THEM BOTH for 90′, 94′ and Diego

  • free12358 says:

    Guardiola made this year perfect . An exact example of Legends cherish each other!
    Gave freedom to Messi and never substitute for him. A lot of great goals made in the last minute.

  • hossny88 says:

    jeffren played well too in this match. man, pedro and jeffren pulled off a nice work together. they sure are a good add to the squad,

    i think balotelli would make a good add to the team. that guy has the potential to be another Ibra.

  • elMagicoMessi10 says:

    i think that was tough game for him. And his best game was with Deportivo.

  • Lions4322 says:

    @Eritreanboy2009, ye true that.. after the game he said ” Im happy to score the decisive goal, put I played bad”

  • yosoychapulin says:

    Well repeating this years achievements sure wont be a walk in the park.
    Though I have faith in Guardiola he can most likely pull it off.
    If he’s done it once then he can do it again.
    besides that I would really like to see Franck Ribery in Barcelona he would make a nice addition to this colossal squad! he’s a beast!!

  • khaledinho707 says:

    YESSS 😀 … Picture perfect …. Keep it up man ur the best … n btw u always choose the perfect song 😀

  • Lions4322 says:

    @elMagicoMessi10, I feel messi dived a few times in this game.. No offense cuz all the fotballers do so. But messi is different no doubt

  • messihardstyler says:

    wow messi we could say its his real first season, cuz now he is number 10 and he is the best…vamos messi!!

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