We are tired of this debate. When things like these happen, it prompts the debate all over.

Then there is a period of peace before the hostilities resume. Let us indulge today.

As Madrid continue their unparalleled dominance on the continent, the final is Cardiff dubbed ‘Bale Final’ quickly turned into another show by Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese star dominated the final unlike the other times he won it. This was the third time he lifted the Champions League title in four years.

Ahead of the final, Ronaldo was on a brilliant run that saw him score 16 goals in ten matches. The potential Ballon d’Or winner scored a brace that sunk a previously very hopeful Juve team. Max Allegri built a solid team that stopped everyone – they did not concede four goals all through the season until they met Ronaldo.

Ronaldo is the greatest goalscorer of all times. His consistency is unparalleled. He keeps adjusting and reinventing his style of play best suited to goalscoring. The Messi-Ronaldo debate will continue until the end of time but on the Art of Goalscoring, not many would side with the diminutive Argentine. Messi has not changed his fundamentals much – he is that brilliant whizkid from La Masia.

It is very debatable that Messi is more naturally gifted. It can be argued that he is a natural 10 that has an extraordinary ability to bury the ball behind the net so he plays like an 8 or 9. He takes on the pressure from opposing sides so his teammates can get an advantage.

Ronaldo can feature as a natural 7/11 but that blistering pace is now gone. His clinical finishing hasn’t. What Ronaldo cannot do in the middle, Messi cannot do on the wings. So comparison gives you headache!

At 32, Ronaldo can still score over 30 goals for the next three years, without a shred of doubt. Messi blew away a 4-1 Ballon d’Or lead and now it would be 5-5 come January. Ronaldo deserves his time in the spotlight.