25 comments on “Michael Laudrup ★ Four-Dimensional Football

  • vildsvinlarsen says:

    Laudrup could beat messi and ronaldo, at any time.
    He shall soon become the manager of the Danish National team

  • Wipeout186 says:

    @jimmy25277 Wow relax look of all players to play offensiv midtfielder has no one from any country big or small been better than laudrup thats a fact.

  • Wipeout186 says:

    @TheKristian1984 Christian Eriksen er ok men han ville ikke komme op i nærheden af Laudrup og nej han ligner ikke laudrup han ligner mere Michael Khron-Deli i sin spille stil MKD lige pt danmarks bedste offensive midtbane spiller som spiller. CE skal nok blive god men laudrup ikke muligt.

  • Wipeout186 says:

    @forzajuju13 m8 not one THE BEST. His spot as the world greatest offensiv midtfielder is no where near to be threathen by anyone that has lived or still live so far.

  • Wipeout186 says:

    @fantaholiker lol well Laudrup is the best offensiv midtfielder in the history, not even Messi has gotten that on his name. Laudrup together with Pele are the 2 players who invented all the things you see your greate players do today, they just added their twist to it but its was still made and shown by Laudrup and pele first. Laudrup has a permanent spot as the world greates player ever with Pele and Peter Schiemchel no one will beat them.

  • postmads says:

    @fantaholiker YES he was better than Messi…You’re just too young to remember. He was at his top level 20-25 years ago. I remember and I’m 36 years of age.

  • I remain amazed whenever I see this video
    perhaps his only flaw is that it was not a true driver of a true team leader but remains a great champion

  • fantaholiker says:

    Laudrup was an extraordinary player, but guys, seriously, better than messi?`no way!

  • holanda9800 says:


  • forzajuju13 says:

    M.Laudrup is a modern playmaker like Zidane.
    He has vision of game,agility,dribbles,passing.
    One of best midfielder in Europe.

  • @LauraMunck

    Ronaldo isn’t a footballer, he is a professional “diver.” This guy would probably chew Messi up.

  • filmfocus says:

    Zidane’s graceful technique + Xavi’s distribution + Maradona’s vision + Cruyff’s execution = Michael Laudrup

  • 987costa says:

    @Nikolas134 .lol barcelona and real amdrid are not the two biggest xcubs in the worldand not at that time either. he played for juventus who were bigger than both.

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