Michael Laudrup…Technique Extraordinaire

Authentic soundtrack replaced with Youtube track due to some whining prosperous individuals. “I was recently in Indonesia and they had no concept wherever Spain was. They had never heard of Madrid. But Barcelona they knew. “That is exactly where Michael Laudrup plays”, they mentioned. That is why I will by no means recover from him leaving Barcelona. It dampens the day and saddens the soul that we need to now be without him.” – Pasqual Maragall, Mayor of Barcelona, 1994.

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  • 987costa says:

    @102293 .lol paul scholes is fantastic but laudrup is on a different level altogether.

  • akikazu87 says:

    zidane was overrated in my opinion he didnt deserved to win 3 time world player of the year

  • IIIL47v says:

    there were many football brothers in pro game, the Charlton’s, the de Boers… but the Laudrup brothers were the best, untouchable. It’s amazing how two brothers were both so talented.

  • Laudrup to me is Dennis Bergkamp with pace and dribbling skills. He got great touch, great vision, unselfish and great dribbling skills. And he was quick as well, especially when he was young, forming that deadly partnership with Elkjaer up front for Denmark. The Laudrup-Elkjaer striking partnership IMO is the best I ever seen for the past 30 years. Individually, they were both brilliant. Together, they were unstoppable. both were so quick and skillful.

  • pennywise1682 says:

    it´s always hard to say who´s the best! but i like what platini said, that makes sense. not always the best will remember, but most succesfull players. m. laudrup is surely one of the best, but zidane erans more title´s and thats what counts. he shot a lot of important goals for his team ( real madrid and for france). but laudrup was a magnificent player, perhaps really the one with the greatest talent in the 90´s. same with pele! great player, but not the best of the 60´s, in my opinion!

  • 987costa says:

    @GedoMazou .Beckenbauer: “Pelé was the best in the 60s, Cruyff in the 70s, Maradona in the 80s and Laudrup in the 90s.”[

    Platini: “One of the biggest talents ever. The best in the world on the training pitch, but never used his talent to its full during matches

    i can go and on but you get the idea.pfft zidane lol

  • 987costa says:

    @GedoMazou .Roberto Galia: “I have played against Maradona, Platini and Baggio. But the player I saw do the most indescribable things was Michael Laudrup.”

    Cruyff (After Real Madrid with Laudrup had won 5–0 over Cruyff’s Barcelona): “When Michael plays like a dream, a magic illusion, determined to show his new team his extreme abilities, no one in the world comes anywhere near his level.”

  • 987costa says:

    @GedoMazou .lol what an ignorant. zidane was a joke compared to michael laudrup.laudrup was one of the best passers in history,had vision like no other,was creative beyond imagination,was fast,two footed,unselfishess,etc.zidane what a joke. see what cruijff,romario,raul,gurodiola,platini,etc have to say about laudrup.raul said in 2006 that michael laudrup was by far the ebst player he ever played with.zidane has always been overrated, he wasnt even the best playmaker in serie a in his prime.

  • GedoMazou says:

    @casualdespair Don’t exaggerate, dude, he can be the best of his nation, but of the world… I don’t ever think this, he needed to do much more than what he did to be better than Maradona, Zidane, Platini, Zico…

  • casualdespair says:

    Seeing these comments…

    I really can’t understand how one, after watching who Laudrup was and what he was capable of, dribbling and especially vision-wise, can deny he was the best player ever. We’re not talking about awards… We’re talking about proper football. And that’s Michael Laudrup.

  • reziboy100 says:

    @987costa yup I follow Zidane. He’s the reason I fell in love with football when I watched him in 98. So naturally I prefer him over other players. But I can’t argue with Cruyf, Romario, Platini, Beckenbauer, and Raul. If they think Laudrup is better than Zidane then fine. They know what they’re talking about…But Zidane is not average. He will forever be remembered for his great contributions for France, Juventus, Real Madrid and for football in general…and NO I don’t ride his dick. 😀

  • 987costa says:

    @reziboy100 .yes it was actually. zidane had two good game svs spain and brasil. do you evem folow zidane or are you njust some retard who rides his dick? laudrup is regarded highly among expert and fellow professional such as curijff,the arrogant ronmario,zamorano,platini,beckenbauer,etc as one fo THE BEST ever./raul said in 2006 that laudrup was by far the best player he ever played with and finally to quote platini”zidane does with a footballwhat maradonna did with an orange”.

  • reziboy100 says:

    @987costa well how do you explain France getting to the finals…Was it henry? was it trezeguet? was it malouda? was it ribery?

  • 987costa says:

    @reziboy100 .lol no. zidane is very avergae comapred to laudrup.laudrup ahd much better vision and passing.zidane didnt lead france to anything n 2006. he had twoo good games one vs spain and one vs brasil.

  • cinto12 says:

    Shame about the music, but great video 🙂
    Mr. Laudrup reminds me of ronaldinho, right footed, mostly cutting inside from the left wing. Good dribbles, fantastic vision. Very complete playmaker.

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