Nike Academy – Barcelona Training Camp

To be successful, you will need to test your self versus the really finest. And for the Nike Academy gamers, the squads latest pay a visit to to Barcelona supplied their sternest challenge nevertheless. With Pep Guardiola and the Academy coaches observing their match towards Barcelona B, this was the players last chance to impress ahead of choice for the the Premier League Evaluation Trials. Two Academy squad members created the reduce. Test again quickly for an update on how they fared.

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  • lol that wasnt barcelona academy. That was barcelona B who are professional and are in the Spainish 2nd division. But still what a great experience for the nike academy to train at the barca training ground and face the B team

  • Real Madrid, meanwhile, needless to say, have made their investments count. A team that boasts the talents of Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di Maria, Gonzalo Higuain, Mesut Ozil, Sami Khedira and Xabi Alonso is able to unlock any defence in the world on their day. Ronaldo, especially, has traded in his showboating and penetrating dribbles for a more efficient and economic style of play that has seen him score more than 20 goals without fail every season he’s played in.

  • @spunkmaster666 Barca have David Villa, who’s assimilated himself well into Barca’s unique attacking brand of football and is one of the most lethal forwards in not just the La Liga but also the world. Ibrahimovic could well be considered a success too, judging by his goal return as a whole, especially netting in the El Clasico.

  • @spunkmaster666 Furthermore, you realise that Man Utd, Barca and Real Madrid have actually managed to pay for actual, practical quality. United have Hernandez, a promising young starlet who’s managed to pop in with vital goals, Berbatov a few seasons ago who’s adapted well, leading the Prem scoreboards and putting 5 past Blackburn, filling in for a misfiring and now injured Rooney.

  • @spunkmaster666 Well their transfers don’t seem to be able to fill in the sizeable gaps left by the departure of many key players, or good players such as Joe Cole and Deco. Ramires or whatever nonsense they’ve gotten themselves fail to bolster any department of Chelsea’s game, something immensely vital given that Drogba’s not quite as threatening as he used to be. So in that regard you’ve to concede that they are financially ineffiecient.

  • he said busquets and bojan… what about Xavi and Messi? How about Puyol? they are a whole class better than busquets and bojan…

  • timmyfung01 says:

    I don’t support a particular team, I enjoy goodl teams playing good football with good spirit.
    Beside, Look at teams like Bolton, Blackpool. Did they have 50 mil to spent on? they barely have that much to spend, let alone in their youth program. Yet they are doing well.
    Chelsea has been losing over 40 mil each year in the last 5 years, and the Russian boss is losing interest in the club.
    the fact remains that Chelsea is a financially in-efficient club

  • spunkmaster666 says:

    Personally I think putting 50million into the academy is a statement of intent – to produce new talent, and give talented youngsters quality facilities and training, much like what teams like Barcelona have been doing…
    Chelsea are one of the most popular and wealthy teams in the world and actually seem to be losing FAR less ‘$’ in recent years than Man U, Barcelona (who have had to take out loans just to pay the WAGES of their players) and Real Madrid

  • timmyfung01 says:

    Invested over 50 mil in their academy… So??? the fact remains that Chelshit is over spending so they can look like a great team. The fact remains that they losing $ each year due to the ridiculous spending.
    Beside, who has they produce??? I just watch the NEW TALENT of Chelsea in the the game against Aston Villa, he is pretty much an over-rate player.
    If there is one thing I hate about football, it is teams over-spending and forget about the football spirit.

  • spunkmaster666 says:

    My friend, Chelsea have changed their policy.
    Heard of McEachran, Kakuta or Clifford? Or the fact that they invested over 50million in their academy and won the youth FA Cup last year? Times are changing with the blues – give it 5 years and Chelsea will be churning out quality youngsters!

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