25 comments on “Real Madrid Vs Barcelona 2-6 All Goals – 2.5.2009 Highlights

  • DawnettaFredericka says:

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  • wojtekcam says:

    Football talent in every country. Few are likely to exist somewhere above.
    View video from the years 2001 – 2005 capable young player.
    Two goals directly from the corner …
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  • TheOriginalNightHawk says:

    Madrid spend millions on C.Ronaldo just to lose 5-0 lol

    sure copy and paste scores from 1935 xD

    the point is you currently suck Barcelonas nuts.

  • EestiVideo says:

    1935 – Real Madrid 8 – 2 Barcelona
    1949 – Real Madrid 6 – 1 Barcelona
    1953 – Real Madrid 5 – 0 Barcelona
    1995 – Real Madrid 5 – 0 Barcelona
    Total Matches: 161
    Real Madrid wins: 68
    Barcelona wins: 63
    Draws: 30
    UEFA Champions League Wins: Real Madrid 9, Barcelona 3
    La Liga Wins: Real Madrid 31, Barcelona 20

  • obsianos says:

    real madrista.. chupa el mi pico real fans!! VISCA EL BARCA!!!! real you will never win anything… whos on top BARCA!!! whos toppscorer MEEEESSSSSSSSIIII!!!!

  • Marquezvision says:

    El Barcelona es una buena mierda!
    A ver Como os apañais sin el puto enano
    Messi cabrones!

  • wojtekcam says:

    Talento del fútbol de cada país. Pocos pueden existir en alguna parte de arriba.
    Consulte a un golazo de 5 hasta que la liga de Polonia.
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  • wojtekcam says:

    Talent de football dans chaque pays. Rares sont susceptibles d’exister quelque part ci-dessus.
    Voir un but fantastique de 5 jusqu’à ce que la ligue polonaise.
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  • wojtekcam says:

    Football talent in each country. Few are likely to exist somewhere above.
    See a fantastic goal from 5 until either Polish league.
    Link to video youtube.com / watch? v = tQb3CJ9FyX8
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  • sevrWorks says:

    Un día donde se demostró que el franquismo y los trapicheos, son fantasmas del pasado.

  • TheVapor96 says:

    Real madrid fans are just jeaulos and stupid fans .. that comes from a inter fan

  • hamdyman says:

    @thecinderella31 who cares if your flying on la liga table with 7 points difference, who cares when you beat the “supposed” rival for the 5th straight match with a score of 5-0, who cares when the top 3 players in the world are all wearing the same club shirt and thats the FCB shirt ! VIsca el Barca !!!

  • thecinderella31 says:

    Yes it does !!!
    Does it feel bad to loose 2-0 to hercules in Camp Nou, or 3-1 to real betis ????? !!!!!

  • TheFaisalo0o0o says:

    @Saillcoosp i dont i respect, i like barca but madrid more so for the love of football its not a life or death if madrid won or barca its for entertainment thats the only thing i care about when i watch games

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