25 comments on “Real Madrid vs Barcelona FC 2-2 Super Cup 14.08.2011 All Goals Highlights

  • l'ombelico del mondo says:

    WTF is your problem? Are you retarded? ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, everyone can read. It’s a
    public page. But I wrote it for you, not for everyone. You and everone else
    knows that. But, then again, your tiny brain likes to twist words around.
    I’ve nothing to feel embarrassed about. Yes, I lost it a bit since you’re a
    fuckin’ no-brainer, but why should I feel embarrassed? I’d say that is a
    good CV. I was showing why I am better than most of the people out there.
    That’s the only point of yours that I’m proving.

  • Angel Rodrigues says:

    M 7:03 Casillas: “Conestos no se puede es pode mรกs comencemos ganando o
    perdiendo no se puede” jajajajaja

  • The Hidden Passenger says:

    @Tawnsta96 yes pep pays the refs, thats why madrid was conceeded a penalty
    that wasnt even a foul and it was outside the box, pep also payed the ref
    so he would disallow a legal goal against getafe last saturday so barca
    could lose 1 – 0 and be 6 points behind madrid! this only shows madridistas
    retarded ways and you my friend are the maximum exponent of their

  • l'ombelico del mondo says:

    … nope. You didn’t. Let’s not go through it all over again. It was
    tiresome and highly unpleasant. Let’s just drop it, ok? I had an opinion,
    you’ve been so very kind to say that I’m an imbecile, I appreciate it, and
    I stick to my original opinion and everything that followed. You stick to
    yours, and everybody’s happy. We don’t have to agree, you know. Have a good

  • MrKillercrazy25 says:

    @TheMottyftw they are ok ronaldo 100 goals in 105 matches with madrid way
    better then any barca player

  • @parfumeria33ro You said Real Sucked on Saturday?!?! They missed chances,
    but they created them, from the moment Madrid scored 23seconds in for the
    next 30mins Madrid could of scored 6… They actually pinned Barca back for
    once, then in the second half when the deflected goal went in they lost
    thier touch and was pinned by Barca, but still created chances, Madrid were
    unlucky not to score over 4

  • Fardeen Devil says:

    real madrid players like to tackle hard and when they do that do any
    players of any team then they get an opportunity to fake it but barca dont
    provoke them to tackles us hard and then we can fake it they like it hard
    thats why they are losers cant take to be beaten by skills against barca
    like that barca can fake tackles or referee but their goals is fantastique
    no one can fake a goal if its legitimate

  • l'ombelico del mondo says:

    1 I’m not a couch potato, so, unlike you, I don’t know any “extremely
    popular TV character”. I watch TV about 5 times a year. 2 I explained why I
    use quotes. It’s not my fault you can’t understand something that a 1st
    grader would understand. 3 I’ve never studied english. I’ve learned it on
    my own. I’m a latin living in a latin country. 4 I’ve misspelled. So what!
    5 Say hi from me to the girl beside you. Me and her are having so much in
    common. I wasn’t enjoying “this” that you started either.

  • l'ombelico del mondo says:

    No, dumb-ass! I already told you I’m 138 on Mensa, 140/142 on other IQ
    tests. It’s me who needs to repeat things, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚ “Semi-intelligent
    over-educated” is actually highly-intelligent low-educated. Lack of
    education wasn’t my choice. It was circumstances. Almost everything I know
    is what I’ve learned on my own, I’m 90% self-educated. In school I barely
    made it one year to another, up to the 10th grade. ๐Ÿ™‚ You insulted me 1st:
    “You’re an imbecile!”. What! Was it a compliment?

  • l'ombelico del mondo says:

    Let me give you a quote: “I know I’m stupid, but when I look around me I
    grow wings.” In that way I know I’m better than most of the people out
    there. Eistein was stupid too, you know. He was just less stupid than us. I
    know you know you’re stupid, as well. But when you look around you, besides
    wings, you should also grow a penis in your mouth, I’d say, just to shut
    up. You’ve made your point, I’ve never invited you to talk to me, I never
    said I like or use your ideas. Why do you keep barking?

  • l'ombelico del mondo says:

    I’m no superior being. It’s just that I’m not as low as you seem to be.
    Me-thinks you’re a little eager to read my messages. Unlike you, I don’t
    click every second to see if you replied. I’ve other things to do. And,
    yes, I suffer from some level of dyslexia. W. Disney, Spilberg, Beethoven,
    Mozart, J. Lennon, T. Edison, M. Faraday, Einstein, G. Galilei, L. Pasteur,
    Michelangelo, Picasso, Van Gogh, da Vinci, Flaubert, Churchill, B.
    Franklin, Caesar, Napoleon… They did as well, scientists say.

  • @elmagicomessi if you think were shit? Then how did we manage to score
    behind your net 4 times??

  • l'ombelico del mondo says:

    … and even if I did, what!, you have a problem with that? Why? You’re
    suddenly better than me because of it? ๐Ÿ™‚ I never said people are cynical
    (to put it your way). What was I supposed to do? List the 7 billions here
    and grade each? So, I was talking generally. Most people are cynical, yes.
    Not to say that vice weighs more than virtue. One cynical person in a group
    of three will make the group quite cynical. Three days of crying and four
    ones of smiling make a shitty week, you know.

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