Rivaldo Hat Trick Barcelona x Valencia 2001

A classic match. Barcelona versus Valencia at Nou Camp on the last day of La Liga 2000-01. Barcelona required to win and Valencia a draw to classify to Champions League. Rivaldo scored an amazing hat trick. A skillfull, brave and unique player generating heritage. This is eternal. Just appear at him celebrating his second goal. He is so inclined to win. It quite quite possibly saved Barcelona from liquidation and inspired the first (and only, to date) pitch invasion at the Nou Camp,” reckons Liam McCubbin. “The event, the pure audacity and the execution, which touched genius,” coos Jonathan Neale. You can’t argue with that. www.guardian.co.uk
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25 comments on “Rivaldo Hat Trick Barcelona x Valencia 2001

  • DanilinhoD10 says:

    @bubs5898 remembered for that?lol how about him winning the final wiv brazil & his player of the year & other championships he won

  • sixesandsevensus says:

    @troumacaq I agree, maybe it was just a blunder on his part. But I’m sure you can understand how it’s not exactly something that is going to endear him to the Turks…

  • troumacaq says:

    @sixesandsevensus like I said, I’m sure Rivaldo is not proud of that. Rivaldo is a humble person, just look his normal behavior. Yes, what he did was not ethical but you can’t say he faked the aggression because there was an aggression. Maybe the Turkish player would be sent off anyway.

  • sixesandsevensus says:

    @troumacaq nah mate, most of us know materazzi deserved it. plus zidane accepted his red card and walked away. rivaldo just plain cheated. very unfavorable.

  • Manowarmx3 says:

    This is the most amazing goal ever scored in my opinion, the sheer pressure of having to score, and doing it in this manner in the 89th minute is truly a remarkable achievement!!

  • ArmenSur says:

    @bubs5898 who remember him as that kind of player? real football fans should remember him as the fantastic player he has!

  • jackillerbr says:

    @bubs5898 wtf? only you and a few remembers him because of that, probably britains

  • RyanMadrid7 says:

    @troumacaq I’m a fan of soccer first, Real Madrid second. Plus I love Brazil. Gotta respect greatness when it’s doing a bicycle kick in front of you lol

  • InternationarPlayer says:

    rivaldo rivaldo rivaldo
    maaaaaaaaaaaaan what a player

    1000000000000000000000000000000000000000% better than ronaldinho,messi,c.ronaldo or anyyyyyyyyyyybody

  • marvs429 says:

    i watched this game on television… man, it was magnificent… all rivaldo’s goal put barca infront of valencia… and the last goal… wow… one in a lifetime i guess… not only it was a bicycle kick, and for the hat trick but for the weigh of the goal… barca was able to win and qualified for the champions league next season… truly a game worth remembering… i had tears of joy when he made that goal… it is almost a decade ago… and still worth watching and worth remembering for…

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